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Projects: ambient

Sine Waves Orchestra

by Roberto Attanasio

Sine Waves Orchestra is a generative software made entirely with Max/MSP 6 that creates ambient and relax music only with sinusoids. It has five voices, with a ...

Whitebox Ambibell

by whiteboxsynthmakers

Inspired by Ableton's Ambient and Evolving instruments, this is an ambient soundscape thing. I've used patches from Pluggo's Big Ben Bell, Chamberverb, Raind...

Whitebox Malletbox

by whiteboxsynthmakers

Whitebox Malletbox is an ambient percussive instrument with a user-recordable buffer. The buffer has four variables that change pitch, direction and tempo of pl...

Paths that lead to Nowhere

by Err0r_500

"Paths that lead to Nowhere" is a solo ambient / new music / noise project  featuring processed guitar, retuned piano and synthetic sounds. It will be release ...

lenticular [album series]

by lewis lepton

this is an ongoing series, consisting of hour long [1hr 20mins with 002 onwards] compositions directed to electronics, ambient, improvisation and good ol' music...

SmileForLive – Generative FM Synthesizer

by NeZoomie

SmileForLive is a small device that makes tonal glitchy music out of know parameters. Originally built in Max/MSP by Diego Caponera, Nicolò Paternoster and Giu...

Kaleidoscope Music

by Ben Houge

Kaleidoscope Music is a six channel, real-time, algorithmic sound installation. By extracting a rich, harmonic soundscape from ambient sound, it seeks to mirro...


by Barton McLean

RAINFOREST is a MSP-based program utilizing very sophisticated audio processing (pitch shifting, delay, sampling). It is used in our audience-interactive instal...


by bluedub

Photic is a collection of new generative ambient pieces by Gregory Reeves aka Cordovan. Source material for the pieces came from field recordings on Los Angeles...

PGT: Pender/Garton/Taylor

by Brad Garton

Live performance ensemble using max/msp. Two laptops + acoustic mandolin.