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Projects: audiovisual

Mendelssohn Museum Effektorium

by aconica

Description The centerpiece of the newly reopened Mendelssohn Museum is the interactive media installation "Effektorium". Visitors can conduct a digital Orches...


by mfred

The interactive and audiovisual installation av@ar puts the relationship between people and their medial reflection in the center of the experience. In this clo...

Kadâmbini, audiovisual and cinema show

by Bart

A club placed there, in the middle of nowhere. Kadâmbini, handlebar mustache and aviator glasses screwed on his head, is ready for the most incredible journey ...

K/Sól, a digital nightmare

by Bart

K/Sól is a short audiovisual and cinema show, build as a digital nightmare by the collective iduun. It plays with virtual spaces, real spaces and dark side of ...


by oscar

Trinity is an audiovisual interactive dance piece which tells the journey of a body going through different states of perception of the space. Through movement,...

Audium Visium

by kguglielmino

Audium Visium is an audiovisual, sample-based instrument created within a two week time span. It has 8 sample buttons, 3 looping buttons, 4 effects knobs, 1 Ard...

«Körperfelder» an interactive audiovisual installation

by michel8

«Körperfelder» (Body Fields) by Michel Winterberg invites the viewer into a playful interaction: The exploratory movements of his hands and arms causes a v...

Jitter Video Puzzle

by dochanjorge

An audiovisual interactive installation for my final year project of Sound Engineering & Production in Birmingham City University, UK.