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Projects: delay

Matrix Delay

by kryshe

Matrix Delay is a delay effect with 4 Delaylines that are randomly connected to each other over a Matrix. The Project is primarily designed for running it over ...

APC40 Step Sequencer standalone (with reverb, delay and 4 buffers for loop recording)

by toxic

OK so this was a project I worked on back in May 2010 and thought people might be interested. I realise the Akai push probably has much of this functionality no...

Echolocation (Dynamic Aural Fragmentation)

by Duffield

Presented at the Ontario College of Art and Design 2011 Thesis Show. A modified version was presented at Videodrome 2011 at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian ...

Sub-Lime Subsynth

by crispypancakes

Subtractive polyphonic synthesiser with built in reverb, delay and arpeg.  

The Lorelei Suite

by Mike S

The Lorelei Suite comprises of three different applications, each one designed with a specific sound or compositional process in mind. The Feedback applicat...

The Drone Machine

by Julien Bayle

This Max for Live device is a soundgenerator. It is designed to produce unique & complex drone textures & soundscapes. Features - 1 raw & nois...

Peydgentron’s “Obvi EP”

by naetron

Pedrodomus (NYC) and Naetron (ATX) have teamed up under court orders to release a truly metal, glitched-out, rock-solid EP. We've been ordered by "those who s...

Les Ondes Memorielles

by stefantiedje

Les Ondes Memorielles is an electronic instrument, which has a memory, and some controls to play it back. It is an ongoing project since the nineties of the las...


by lewis lepton

version 1.1.1 [updated release, second february] with the rise of granular synthesis becoming more and more popular, either being with synthesizers or sample m...

Trombones and Live Electronics

by lorbi

Performance for two trombones and live electronics. Improvised and organized music, with a lot of real time sound treatment.


by Raja_The_Resident_Asswipe

Features: 4 Samplers with Integrated Sequencers Granular Time Stretch(with added cosine trajectory option) Sample-Slicing/Beat-Cutting Variable-Sta...


by sine

Kapling is a simple little standalone physical modeling synthesizer application for Mac OS X built with Max/MSP 5. It is based on the Karplus-Strong algorithm. ...