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Projects: education

Polar Pattern Creator

by Brian H.

A demonstration of how a virtual directional pattern can be created and controlled by the combination of 2 different mics...Or, how to roll-your-own polar patte...

LSD – LVD – tLb

by g2312

LiveSoundDesign, in short LSD and LiveVideoDesign (LVD) are applications designed for the use on stage, to give reproducible results in the context of music the...


by Luis

Sim-AV develops and promotes the use of audio equipment simulators for pedagogical use in arts education.

Practical starting guide to Max/MSP/Jitter

by bodsiin

Here we present a beginner's guide to Max/MSP/Jitter. Our methodology does not include patches because we encourage students to build their own patches from scr...

Programming Max 5

by juan

The Programming Max 5 Interactive Course is an innovative way of learning Max 5 that can be used as a self-teaching set of quality tutorials or as teaching mate...

E-A_MusicPrimer and Mar(r)xTutorials (updated) **new versions available**


E-A_MusicPrimer6 is designed to help teach some basic audio principles and common synthesis techniques to beginning students. Partial list of tutorial modules: ...

Triad ID, Jitter style

by John

This is a series of 14 videos useful for progressively testing the ability to identify triads by quality and inversion. The video was generated using Xtranormal...


by V.J.

EAMIR (Electro-Acoustic Musically Interactive Room) is a collection of interactive music systems that allow individuals, including those with mild and profound ...