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Projects: game

Day Trap

by nadan10

Day Trap seeks to prove that cinemagraphs can make FMV games better. Cinemagraphs are shots that last for "x" amount of time because they loop. The shot coul...

I/O – Interactive Marble Run

by ItayNiv

I/O is an interactive experience that moves between the digital and the physical worlds. A Wooden marble run becomes an interactive journey. in the physical wo...

Nagi #1

by nakataka

Renew "nagi project" Released in Mac Appstore “Nagi – a peaceful calm” is a sound game software created by the game music composer Takayuki Nakamu...

the freQ

by we-play

'the freQ' is an Audio Game made entirely on Max/Msp. It exercises pitch perception, memory and reflexes in a musical way. Concept: Player first chooses a fre...

Video-Game > “The drinker”

by touk

Catch beer bubbles and beware of water !!! Best scores wins beers ;) It's a part of a collection of game arcade ("the collector & organic") Made by M...

Video-Game > “The collector”

by touk

The idea behind this project was to offer a video game to a wider public. In partnership with a grocer, the players with the highest scores earned fruits! Th...

Video-Game > “Atom”

by touk

You move into the world of the atom, an unstable world, where anything can happen. Your goal: eliminate foreign molecules attracted to the core, otherwise th...

Meltdown – Location Audio Game

by Varun Nair

A wormhole is detected. Nothing is seen. Disturbances are felt. Things can be heard. You hear creeptures amongst a swarm of sounds. Find and kill all seven...

[.talktome]: adaptive/dynamic audio prototyping for video games

by Yiannis Ioannides

Hello everyone, So this is the official demo presentation I showcased tonight in Berklee College of Music, as part of my senior project in Electronic Product...

SpHack Invaders

by Kyred

Here's a Special Hack for Kinect Invaders. You don't need any joystick or joypad to play at this neo-retrogame. Just extend you right arms to go to the right ...

nagi project

by nakataka

"nagi" is a musical game software created by Takayuki Nakamura, the game music composer in the hope of helping as many earthquake victims as possible to feel ca...

Syndyn – Artistic Sport Game

by André Rangel


Intermedia Concept And Desi...


by rarcaute

The project shows, in real time, an interactive sound application game with 80 differents sounds, developed in max/msp.

Quake Delirium

by genfu

This patch affects graphical effects of the game Quake toward a more delirious aesthetic. It works by sending automated keystrokes from the patch to the game, ...


by zeal

AXIS is an application for Windows and OSX that allows an Xbox Guitar Hero controller to be played as a musical instrument while simultaneously controlling any ...