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Projects: software

Bass Station II Patch Editor

by theriteofbass

This Max patch helps the Bass Station II user get an overview of their patch. It can be used as a software editor, making it easier to access some of the on key...

AnoTag – Akiba-kei VJ Software

by mirrorboy

AnoTag is a VJ application for Mac. It is originally developed for enhancing VJ style of Akiba-kei Otaku. Akiba-kei VJs prefer to play relevant videos in respon...

attractor etc

by IvnOs

Inspired by the possibilities of new technologies , audioartist Andrew Svibovich and writer Nikita Begoon created magical performance combined on genres such as...

Dehumaniser Pro

by orfeasb

After a successful prototype the new Dehumaniser is now ready! Dehumaniser is a software standalone vocal processor that allows the production of creature /...

MIRAnome64, the virtual monome on iPad with MIRA

by Julien Bayle

MIRAnome64 is the basic monome64 for MIRA iPad application. Basically, it is a proof of concept but a fully fonctional monome64 protocol implementation in Ma...

Remote A/V live performance from Marseille to Leicester

by Julien Bayle

I performed live from home with my laptop using Ableton Live 9. Check this video explaining some tests made during the preparation few days before the ev...


by Julien Bayle

PROJECT 1111 is both an audio/visual piece and a live performance containing 4 sub-pieces (0001, 0010, 0100 and 1000) Project 1111 is an exploration of rando...


by André Rangel

While listening to a 2 minutes music composition, users scalp-electrical-activity disturbs the curve of a spiral.

0800 Rhythm Machine

by 88888

The 0800 Rhythm Machine is an eight-channel multi-voiced step-sequenced groove-shaping wood-panelled instrument. It is designed to be used as a standalone groov...


by szymon_k

Freeq is spectral filtering app for easy and fast frequency manipulations. You can cut and manipulate single frequencies, transforming sounds however you like! ...

Alternate Realm

by Al Thumm

Alternate tuning synthesizer   :: features :: Custom tunings -- default is a limit 7 tuning system. All notes can be retuned by frequency Retun...


by kyleevans1123

de/Rastra - The de/Rastra oscillographic synthesizer is a real-time audio/video instrument and computer-interfacing device tha...

Organ of the Forest

by Al Thumm

:: features :: A beautifully crusty organ sound ADSR envelope MIDI or QWERTY note input Easy MIDI mapping of controls and effects Master effects ...

Organ of Fragments

by Al Thumm

:: features :: 4 channel sampler organ -- drag-and-drop up to four samples and mix dynamically Play and loop samples polyphonically via MIDI device or QWE...


by Al Thumm

Data-Feed-Powered Synthesizer   ::Features:: Multi-waveform synthesizer -- sine (with optional FM), triangle, saw, square Paste data feeds from...


by Lasse Kolding

telePort is a live performance oriented music program made as a standalone prototype with MaxMSP 5. It lets you integrate hardware and software instruments a...


by Andrew Spitz

phonoLapse is a free desktop app for Mac and Windows that lets you create audio time-lapses.

Jitter Fractals

by bertrandfraysse

The image creation relies on a video feedback loop with rotation, zooming, position displacement and contrast/luminosity/saturation modifications. The input is ...

The Blend

by Al Thumm

Audio Multiplier and Vocoder ...What It's About...  The Blend consists of three main sound sources: 1) audio input (microphone, guitar, etc) ...

Lamplight Tracker

by Al Thumm

Grid-based Sample Sequencing -- Based on classic tracker software :: features :: Drag and Drop sample loading Tracker-style sample sequencing -- trigge...

Word Sequencer

by Justin Sheriff

I go to Berklee College of Music and major in Electronic Production and Design. Last summer I began to work earnestly, entirely on my own, designing a word seq...


by szymon_k

LiveLooper is simple double mono looper with reverb and record options, made for improvising with acoustic instruments. You can set lengths in seconds for bo...

LFO 2.0 for Ableton Live

by Julien Bayle

One year ago, it was the first efficient LFO officially supported (by us) for Ableton Live and it has a been liked & used by a lot of people. With LFO ...

Blooming Palace

by Al Thumm

Multi-waveform Theremin   :: features :: Theremin-style pitch gliding Four signal types -- sine, saw, rectangle, triangle -- each with independ...