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Projects: synthesizer

Vocal Control of Musical Elements In A Live Performance

by jackdeacon

This project is a software tool developed in Max/MSP that allows musical elements, specifically in the context of a live performance, to be controlled by huma...

Phase Distortion Synth

by pechmann

This is my (first, finished) synthesizer. It is a polyphonic wavetable synthesizer for Max For Live, using various techniques of phase distortion in a feedback ...

Spektro Komplex

by IcaroFerre

Spektro Komplex is a MaxforLive monophonic synthesizer designed to create complex and unique sounds. Like the Buchla 261e module, Komplex uses two oscillato...


by ima

8 voice synthesizer and granular. make the "noise ambient drone sound".


by mauricenorris

<Crescendo is a multi-oscillator synth with a filtered white noise generator built specifically for the creation of Riser / Uplifter effects. These effects a...

Arvum4L Granular Synthesizer

by oddharmonix

This is my first Max for Live project which I started developing in July 2013. Though there are many granular synthesizers available, I wanted to make a simple,...


by whiteboxsynthmakers

A rework of a Max for Live TB303 with added phasor and an extra waveform. Pieced together into a rack with some chorus and fuzz to give it a Roger Fripp quality...

S-Billy 102 Additive Synth

by cardamom

My personal additive synth totally built using max. I used 12 sinusoidal waves to make the addive part and after i added a simple sinusoidal LFO and some effect...

T-billy 101 (TB 303 emulation)

by cardamom

My personal emulation of the famous Roland  tb 303 totally built using MAX. I added some simple effects like reverb (using the tool nw.gverb~), tape delay and...

M4L Tide Synthesizer

by kleine

M4L Tide is a 8 voice synthesizer with some special features. This synthesizer can be used in Ableton Live 9 with Max for Live. It accompanies my new 10-track a...


by whiteboxsynthmakers

WHITEBOX Pixiphone, an ambient instrument that models a child's toy then enlarges it with spectral delay, reverb, brightness, hit strength, attack and decay. In...

osynth for the microTone

by grimnebluna

osynth is a free microtonal polyphonic synthesizer with various oscillator types and random-modulation sources. It was written for the microTone iPad app and re...

All in one: Kinect Video Music Lighting Jockey – Kivimulij

by PereVicalet

All in one, is a project for investigating how powerfully can be M4L with implementation of all multiple possibilities. This is a brief demonstration of its pos...

Fluxus Vox

by Ted Wiggin

Fluxus Vox is a granular synthesizer designed for fluent and expressive manipulation.


by whiteboxsynthmakers

An ambient synth with 8 pad tones plus Reverb, Attack, Release, Cutoff and Spectral Delay.   A surprisingly deep variation of sounds available with a...


by whiteboxsynthmakers

WHITEBOX DIALSYNTH is a superfast one-dial call-up of 24 presets ranging from rich pads to quirky leads.   No dials to tweak. Who needs them? Get wri...


by whiteboxsynthmakers

Designed for the musician who is either in a hurry, bored with tweaking parameters and/or extremely lazy. It takes the decision-making out of sound selection...


by Rocky G

Operations is a computer generated audiovisual solo performance piece. The starting point for this piece is the programming of traditional drum machine grid ...

Alternate Realm

by Al Thumm

Alternate tuning synthesizer   :: features :: Custom tunings -- default is a limit 7 tuning system. All notes can be retuned by frequency Retun...

Kikka – a simple kick drum synthesizer for Max4Live

by alkopop79

The idea behind this project was to create a simple kick drum synthesizer. The instrument consists of two sine wave and a noise oscillator, each of them with am...

Nord Lead Patch Viewer

by larme

A work-in-progress Max program to view the parameters of the patches dumped from nord lead synthesizer. Details at


by Al Thumm

Data-Feed-Powered Synthesizer   ::Features:: Multi-waveform synthesizer -- sine (with optional FM), triangle, saw, square Paste data feeds from...

The Blend

by Al Thumm

Audio Multiplier and Vocoder ...What It's About...  The Blend consists of three main sound sources: 1) audio input (microphone, guitar, etc) ...


by Al Thumm

Automatic Algorithmic Music Generator   :: features :: Algorithmic music generation via audio and MIDI 3 individual voices with definable wave-...