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Tools: abstraction


by Arvid Tomayko

A large and growing repository of Max 5/6 abstractions, javascripts, shaders, etc I've made and found useful over the years. Some will be generically useful to people, others are esoteric or specific ...

Launchpad Router

by Stephen Powell

Launchpad is a utility that allows for the automatic filtering of messages from the Novation Launchpad into Max/MSP in a convenient format, and allows for lighting feedback to be sent back to the laun...

Macbook Keyboard

by Stephen Powell

Macbook Keyboard is a useful little abstraction for the convenient use of receiving keyboard messages. Having to used the 'key', 'keyup', and other related objects such as 'select' within your patch m...

Jamoma Modular

by jamoma

Jamoma Modular is the Max implementation of the various frameworks developped within the Jamoma project. It offers Max users More than 100 high level powerful modules for audio, video, and data pr...

Digital Orchestra Toolbox

by Joe Malloch

This “toolbox” is a collection of Max/MSP abstraction that we have found useful in the IDMIL for creating gesture processing patches for digital musical instruments. Each abstraction is accompanie...

Instant Jitter Rendering Controls

by David Butler

I've been working with various versions of this for a while now, and it saves me a lot of time so I thought I would share. This is a bpatcher which aggregates a lot of common controls that get used wi...

Inertial sensing in Max

by I-CubeX

These Max patches enable you to easily use inertial sensor data in your Max software. I-CubeX inertial sensors allow you to capture various parameters: Acceleration: GForce3D-6 Orientati...

Sensing people in a room

by I-CubeX

Instrument a room for an interactive installation and make visitor movements matter by using motion sensor data  within Max. Create interactives for exhibits. I-CubeX motion sensors allow you to ...

Biosensing in Max

by I-CubeX

A quick and easy way to connect, configure, process, map and route I-CubeX biopotential sensors within Max. Research and experiment with human body neurophysiology. I-CubeX biopotential sensors all...


by mzed

This is a little abstraction that could handle the logic for a mixer-style solo button. It was a bit of a logic puzzle to figure out, although the result is pretty simple. The idea is to connect the...


by Peter McCulloch

Converts a matrix~ object into a mixer with volume and pan for each input.   Supports muting and lots of other useful features; this is a very easy way to combine many signals.

imp.mscdecode – MSC for Max.

by David Butler

imp.mscdecode - Version 1.0 An abstraction for decoding MIDI Show Control commands from the original SysEx into a human (and Max) readable form. Allows you to build MSC capability into your patches, ...


by Tim Lloyd

Just a little abstraction for a shift+"~" keyboard shortcut to toggle dsp on/off in a patch.....


by MIB

The MRautoScalerBP is a bpatcher designed to deal with 3-axis accelerometers. Turn on the autoScaler function, move your sensor and the patcher will detect the range of the sensor and set all necessar...

Data at Intervals

by Ben Carey

Simple abstraction for recording data streams at a user specified sampling rate to disk as .txt files. Recall and read streams of data with included ramp time - envisaged for use with line or line~. A...

imp.dmx – DMX for Max.

by David Butler

imp.dmx is a cross-platform collection of Max/MSP/Jitter abstractions for dealing with DMX data in various forms. It focuses around the use of jitter matrices to store data, which the objects then rea...

RTC-lib (Real Time Composition Library)

by Karlheinz Essl

A collection of patches for Max/MSP which offers the possibility to experiment with a number of compositional techniques, such as serial procedures, permutations and controlled randomness. Most of the...


by Timothy Place

An older granular patch I adapted from Nobaysu Sakonda's granular patches (ca. 1998)


by stefantiedje

A new version of my library. It can be used as such or as a source of inspiration for your own abstractions. The abhaXions do contain a bunch of abstractions for missing externals, including some abst...

SuperCollider Compatibility Lib

by Timothy Place

A humble start on a package of abstractions to make porting SuperCollider patches to Max/MSP easier... (ca. 2001)


by martinrobinson

extends Emmanuel Jordan's ej.function.js to enable editing of curves between breakpoints, compatible with curve~. Requires ejies to be installed ( Now works with ejies 1.57...


by klaus filip

abstraction, that divides an octave to any amount of tones (output==frequency)


by Leo van der Veen

l.preset is a package of two abstractions (l.r & l.preset). Every l.r can be connected to number/floatboxes/slides/etc. and l.preset stores their value in a coll. l.r also includes the option to m...

Signal Meters

by Timothy Place

a group of signal meters built with lcd and created to be used in bpatchers. This includes tap.AquaGain~ - an Aqua themed stereo meter/slider combo pictured below.