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Tools: expo

Mobile Phones + Max

by Nathan Bowen

This is a bundle of patches intended to help get you off the ground in using mobile phones to control Max. As I like to have several phones connecting to Max in a network setup, I use of udprecei...

Code counter used in Expo ’74 Presentation

by Mattijs

By popular request: the object counter I use to count objects and patch cords of my patches. Used for my presentation at Expo '74 2011. Works with Max 5 and Max 6.

21st Century Max/MSP/Jitter Comix

by Maurice Methot

A set of five volumes, in comic book format, intended to introduce electronic music and inter-disciplinary thinking to students at the middle and high school levels (or for anyone who loves experiment...

Live spectral processing: patches for Expo ’74 NYC 2011

by Jean-Francois Charles

These are 10 patches I prepared for the workshop “Live spectral processing” I gave at Expo ’74 in New York City on October 16th, 2011. Includes 5 audio freeze patches, 4 phase vocoder patches, ...

Expo ’74 Max for Live devices

by Darwin Grosse

Max for Live devices from my Expo '74 workshop with Matthew Davidson and Dennis DeSantis.

Expo ’74 Convolution / HISSTools Materials

by AlexHarker

The slides and patches from the expo workshop, plus the beta builds of HISSTools Impulse Response Toolkit (mac + windows). Please contact with any questions/bugs/thoughts. Enj...

Expo ’74 Gen patches

by Darwin Grosse

Patches from my presentation at Expo '74 in Brooklyn.

Making A Slick Max Standalone presentation from Expo ’74 workshop

by Dan Nigrin

These are the slides used for the presentation I made at Cycling's Expo '74 in New York on October 15, 2011, titled "Making A Slick Max Standalone: Tips and Tricks." Many people that create Max sta...

Arduino examples from Expo ’74 workshop

by Scott Fitzgerald

Notes, slides, patches, and sketches from the Expo '74 workshop on Arduino + Max. Did you know Arduino comes with Max patches! in the Arduino IDE, look at the File>Examples>4.Communication example...

Expo ’74 gen~ examples

by Gregory Taylor

Here are a few simple example patches used in my Expo '74 presentation.