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Tools: externals

Phidgets Libraries and Drivers

by phidgets

Phidgets are a set of user friendly building blocks for low cost USB sensing and controlling from your computer. Connect sensors, motors, LEDs and more to any Max program to create interactive install...

kissbox.cvtoolbox external for analog synthesizer control

by BenKissBox

The CVToolbox (manufactured by KissBox) is an hardware control module for analog synthesizers. It provides eight CV (Control Voltage) channels with 16 bits resolution to control any kind of analog syn...

Latch Object

by bennyfromtheblock

An object for latching on to data streams once a specified number is reached. Useful for avoiding jumps in data such as in UI's where a controller and a mouse might be in use for adjusting the same pa...

Unauthorized BroadCast

by andrea agostini

A small set of externals aimed to ease the transmission of audio signals between different MaxForLive devices. Mac only, at least for the moment, but sources are included.

fiddle~ 1.2 + bonk~ 1.3 win externals

by zigzag

Due to many requests in forums, here are ports of fiddle~ v.1.2 + bonk~ v.1.3 for the windows platform using Max/MSP MaxSDK-5.1.6 The code & OSX externals is by Ted Apel (

midi in/out for MaxForLive

by leighhunt

lh_midiinoutV1.03 - A pair of objects to access all midi data types from within M4L devices. Updated to work smoothly with core midi changes and multiple occurrences of the same midi controller (e....


by klaus filip

max-external (universal binary, windows) combination of number and slider with formatting options, individual digit drag, logarithmic slider and keyboard-support multislider option http:/...

bach: automated composer’s helper

by andrea agostini

Authors: Daniele Ghisi and Andrea Agostini bach: automated composer's helper is a cross-platform set of patches and externals for Max, aimed to bring the richness of computer-aided composition in...

lops – list manipulations object

by ffomezolam

Version mid-2010; created early 2010, ported to intel Mac mid-2010; for Max 5.  An object which performs a number of simple list operations: filling a list to a specified size, creating a list by re...



A Max external, reports local maxima

hi-res msp objects

by Joshua Kit Clayton

High-resolution audio processing objects. Since all audio is processed at 32-bit in MaxMSP, the hi-res objects use two patchcords to allow for 64-bit signal processing. These objects are obsolete for...