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Tools: jitter

Square pattern generator

by micron

This is a free tool to generate 300 dpi square pattern image from a 5 colors palette. Setting the number of pixels per inch gives you a print size of your image on the screen. You can save and load ...

by Rob Ramirez provides native support for the Hap quicktime codec. Images are decoded and rendered directly to an OpenGL texture. Non-hap quicktime files are also supported. To play Hap optimized files, ...

Spectrogram Application

by robertobecerra

By using the pfft object in Max MSP I created simple video source of 50 by 50 pixels (50×50 matrix) so it can be used as a control for a LED matrix of the same dimensions. The process if very si...

dp.kinect: external using Microsoft Kinect SDK

by diablodale

dp.kinect is a native external for the Kinect which can be used within the Cycling ’74 Max development environment to control and receive data from your Microsoft Kinect. Full details, beta re...

Binary, And not Binary, Counter

by robertobecerra

So… I want to use Jitter to create objects and distribute them in the visual virtual space, and I need to create matrices with as many locations as objects I want to display. These objects are to...

Digital Orchestra Toolbox

by Joe Malloch

This “toolbox” is a collection of Max/MSP abstraction that we have found useful in the IDMIL for creating gesture processing patches for digital musical instruments. Each abstraction is accompanie...

jpg from mov

by Samuel Freeman

to export one image from a movie file at the native size of that movie file: 1: drop movie file 2: getdim 3: find frame to export 4: exportimage

jit grab iidc

by Samuel Freeman

by sdf 2009-2012 Made in Max 5 specifically for the iSight camera, this utility patch gives quick access to some of the IIDC parameters of that camera.  The matrix output of jit.qt.grab is connect...


by Pierre Guillot

PG.LIBRARY All the libraries are available at the website : Dag Library is a collection of C classes and MAX/MSP objects destined to data analyse and generation. dag.averag...

Instant Jitter Rendering Controls

by David Butler

I've been working with various versions of this for a while now, and it saves me a lot of time so I thought I would share. This is a bpatcher which aggregates a lot of common controls that get used wi...

jit.openni (inc. Kinect)

by diablodale

This is a Max Jitter external for OpenNI on Windows and Mac OSx. I caution everyone that OpenNI is dead. April 2014, the OpenNI website is closing. When this happens, there may be no legal place to...


by Rob Ramirez

Jit-Ogre is a Jitter external which embeds the functionality of the open source Ogre3D rendering engine, and exposes it to the Max environment. This enables you to export models from several 3D modeli...

Dual Video Mixer

by Neal Johnson

This is a project put together with the new VIZZIE modules (some modified,) a little bit of AUVI, some pieces of code found here and there all to create a live video mixer with loads of effects. There...

UBC Toolbox

by kahamel

The UBC Toolbox is a collection of 50+ modules that can be used to quickly construct Max patches.  The modules include players (eg. fm players, soundfile players, samplers, granulators, etc.) effects...

imp.dmx – DMX for Max.

by David Butler

imp.dmx is a cross-platform collection of Max/MSP/Jitter abstractions for dealing with DMX data in various forms. It focuses around the use of jitter matrices to store data, which the objects then rea...

Spectral Tutorials

by Jean-Francois Charles

"A Tutorial on Spectral Sound Processing Using Max/MSP and Jitter", an article available in this issue of the Computer Music Journal:


by Peter Nyboer

a jitter-based kludge that allows for disk-based playback of mp3's and easy integration with sfplay~


by Joshua Kit Clayton

the jit.lcd-layers utility patches provide a simple means of using jit.lcd for compositing several images with various Quickdraw transfermodes, scaling, and positioning.

Jitter Lua

by Wesley Smith UB / Windows beta 4 - Jitter support for Lua scripting language luaMOPs - Lua-based Jitter matrix operators module. luaODE - Lua Open Dynamics Engine module (UB OSX and Windows)


by Joshua Kit Clayton

example code fo using object registration/notification in Jitter.


by Zachary Seldess

z.glNavigator1 (walkingSim) - In this version of the patch (z.glNavigator1), moving forward/backward/left/right = moving parallel to the x-z plane. Moving up/down = moving along the y axis. You can lo...