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Tools: lcd


by JoãoMenezes

Java external for computing the Delaunay Triangulation of a given set P of n points in 2 dimensional space


by Raja_The_Resident_Asswipe

A monster max patch(with dynamically allocated CPU) containing basic demonstrations of objects and techniques for 'sampling' in Max/MSP, organized for easy copy and pasting. It is designed to be expli...


by Emmanuel Jourdan

After a discussion on the MaxMSP forum. Example to display a waveform, in circle... There's 2 versions included: plain Max, Java + lcd. Note: it's quick and dirty... but might be interesting to s...


by jhno

re-creates the basic functionality of multislider using lcd. interpolating version included...


by Peter Nyboer

a labeled LCD button abstraction.


by topher lafata

Example of using Java to control LCD to make an interactive file browsing widget.


by jhno

a maximally simple example of using lcd to make a ui control - using quickdraw instead of picts.


by jhno

simple lcd/scripting toy


by Joshua Kit Clayton

the jit.lcd-layers utility patches provide a simple means of using jit.lcd for compositing several images with various Quickdraw transfermodes, scaling, and positioning.


by Roby Steinmetzer

UI example how you can use Lcd to create customized breakpoint function editors

LCD drag and drop

by jhno

drag and drop example using LCD


by jhno

a "multipictslider" of sorts. lcd-based bank of graphic sliders.


by jhno

a textedit-like ui patch for entering and displaying text, with the advantage of complete tweakability.


by Marcel Wierckx

an lcd-based bpatcher which performs a similar function to Max's built-in rangebar. This one has some nifty features which the (ageing) rangebar lacks.


by Timothy Place

A bpatcher which displays text rotated by 90 degrees in either direction. Built using the LCD object. If you have Jamoma, you can look at another example of vertical text by using the jcom.label ex...


by jhno

included in lcdbrowse. vertical and horizontal scrollbar widgets.


by jhno

lcd-based static menu pane. optional auto-size, scrolling, colors, etc.


by Timothy Place

8 In/8 Out Audio Spatialization Matrix with graphical location controls and real-time gesture recording/playback and manipulation. (ca. 1999) A vastly improved spatializer interface is included with t...

Signal Meters

by Timothy Place

a group of signal meters built with lcd and created to be used in bpatchers. This includes tap.AquaGain~ - an Aqua themed stereo meter/slider combo pictured below.


by Anders Dahl

update to the original spronggg lcd-based pop-up menu widget, with numerous improvements and useful additions


by klaus filip

lcd-based abstraction that enhances the idea of rslider (needs llog, llog installed)