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Tools: library

Jamoma Modular

by jamoma

Jamoma Modular is the Max implementation of the various frameworks developped within the Jamoma project. It offers Max users More than 100 high level powerful modules for audio, video, and data pr...


by klaus filip

ppooll is a networking system between max-patches. 100 ready made modules offer a audio live performance tool and also can interact with your own patches.

The sadam Library

by $Adam

A set of externals for different tasks, among others: Data compression (LZO compression/decompression, base64 encoding/decoding) XML processing (DOM, SAX, RapidXML) Synthesis (Additive, Subs...

bach: automated composer’s helper

by andrea agostini

Authors: Daniele Ghisi and Andrea Agostini bach: automated composer's helper is a cross-platform set of patches and externals for Max, aimed to bring the richness of computer-aided composition in...

RTC-lib (Real Time Composition Library)

by Karlheinz Essl

A collection of patches for Max/MSP which offers the possibility to experiment with a number of compositional techniques, such as serial procedures, permutations and controlled randomness. Most of the...


by Mattijs

version 041. Objects that help you design complex patches

Signal-Rate Utilities

by Andrew Benson

A set of useful and simple objects for working with signal-rate timing. shot~ uninterruptible ramp triggered by 0-nonzero transitions, specified in milliseconds. cshot~ similar to shot~, but count...


by stefantiedje

A new version of my library. It can be used as such or as a source of inspiration for your own abstractions. The abhaXions do contain a bunch of abstractions for missing externals, including some abst...

Chaos Lib

by andré sier

Chaos Library. Place the 'new object' listing in Application Support/Cycling '74/init. The Universal Binary version for intel mac can be found here :



(Max Open-Source tools for Artificial Intelligence in Composition) is a collection of tools (Max 4.6 patches) that are designed to help developers create computer-generated music. The filename prefix ...


by nick rothwell / cassiel

Registry is a bit like a coll object, but supports a hierarchical directory structure, so that it can be used in library patchers and bpatchers which need to save and restore their own state, by using...