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Tools: max-for-live

Lucky Notes

by olivier

This very simple Max for Live device is meant to be a performance tool, designed to simplify midi sequences, and slowly build their final complexity. It randomly chooses notes that will play, accord...

Launchpad Router

by Stephen Powell

Launchpad is a utility that allows for the automatic filtering of messages from the Novation Launchpad into Max/MSP in a convenient format, and allows for lighting feedback to be sent back to the laun...

M4L Morph Filter

by Myr

An audio filtering effect for Ableton Live built in Max for Live. The device allows you to morph between five different filters, each with its own filter type, cutoff, resonance and gain. It's a bit l...

Leap MoDULAtion

by LSka

A Max For Live device to control any Ableton Live parameter moving hands and fingers in 3D space using the Leap Motion. Based on aka.leapmotion external by Masayuki Akamatsu This is a very e...

NedFX MaxForLive Bundle

by nedrush

All the Ned Rush M4L devices in one bundle. Wacky and eccentric FX ranging from beat repeaters and live sampling editors to buffer delays, filter sequencers, retro emulations and performance based sam...

M4L Step Filter

by egnouf

Step Filter V0.2 (22th August 2013) ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; a xox step filter sequencer that tend to simulate a very old analog step filter with a lot of characters (tube warms). T...

GrowlBox by Ned Rush

by nedrush

GrowlBox by Ned Rush is an autotuner and pitch tracked comb filter with effects for processing live audio into basslines, lead lines, percussion and general weird sounds for rave purposes. Sing into i...

Saxelectro Max4Live Devices

by saxelectro

Andreas Mourtzoukos (Saxelectro) introduce you the Saxelectro Max4Live Devices. A collection of M4L plugins who Andreas create especialy for his performances. The page is in continous update. Be i...


by zeal

VIZZable is a suite of video performance plugins for Ableton Live. Version 2 is completely rewritten to to take advantage of the new new features of Max 6.1, specifically Gen. This means all the effec...

M4L Octave Device

by mgarriss

A stupid simple M4L (Max for Live) device with a stupid simple interface. I almost always use the Pitch device in Ableton to go up or down an octave at a time. This makes it easier do and see. Plays w...

M4L Digital Glitcher

by Akihiko Matsumoto

BPM Sync Glitch Effect for ableton Max for Live Audio Track. Demo Movie about Digital Glitcher Get D...

M4L Midi Latch Box

by egnouf

Midi Latch Box V1.2 (7th March 2013) ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; a simple and nice midi latch box for your virtual instrument or sequencer. I created this tool to make nice MIDI N...

M4L Drum Box Sequencer

by egnouf

Drum Box V3.3 (20th May 2013) ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; a xox sequencer with a simple user interface and efficient functions. ...


by whiteboxsynthmakers

A simple PRESET DIAL utility for 16 presets.   Recall settings really quickly with this!   Takes up the same room on your interface as an Ableton dial if you reduce the typeface ...


by whiteboxsynthmakers

A Max for Live PRESET recaller interface plus patch.   Use it in your own device design. Will not work on its own.   Detailed instructions, if required, inside the patcher.

emj.randelay 2

by emj_antonin

emj.randelay is a max4live stereo delay with two selectable random modes. the 2.0 version use a gen~ object, so it is suitable only for max 6 users. Random Delay Mode 1 ---> Fixed Random Range (D...

video trigger max4live

by yopla

béta version of a video trigger for max4live  


by nakataka

Than the step sequencer or Arpeggiator, is a tool to more easily, can be more intuitive, make a loop phrase. This is a Midi Plugin. After this tool, please set the sound source you...


by lewis lepton

a very simple and very easy to use midi probability sequencer in max for live. its a sixteen step, eight channel sequencer which has independent clock, step sizes and also tuning. with quick setti...


by mzed

M4L BufferShuffler Device modded for Lemur UI. Also includes Lemur Project.

MSC For Live

by David Butler

MSC For Live’ is a Max For Live device for the purpose of adding using MIDI Show Control commands to control and playback scenes and clips in Live. It is currently only supported on OS X due to depe...


by adamflorin

Loom is a generative music platform for Ableton Live. It is currently under re-development. Please sign up at to stay in the loop.

Expo ’74 Max for Live devices

by Darwin Grosse

Max for Live devices from my Expo '74 workshop with Matthew Davidson and Dennis DeSantis.

Grid Video

by OhDaeSu

Allows the addition of video to Ableton's clip view using Max for Live. One video can be added to each clip, which will trigger automatically as the audio triggers. Visual effects are built into...