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Tools: msp

kissbox.cvtoolbox external for analog synthesizer control

by BenKissBox

The CVToolbox (manufactured by KissBox) is an hardware control module for analog synthesizers. It provides eight CV (Control Voltage) channels with 16 bits resolution to control any kind of analog syn...

Polyvoice Trio with Multiphonic Arpeggiator

by Ernest

A multichannel, polyphonic arpeggiator with played-note ordering in the arpeggiation. Multichannel operation lets it arpeggiate different sounds as well as different notes. Each sound plays in a diffe...

Jamoma Modular

by jamoma

Jamoma Modular is the Max implementation of the various frameworks developped within the Jamoma project. It offers Max users More than 100 high level powerful modules for audio, video, and data pr...


by Raja_The_Resident_Asswipe

A monster max patch(with dynamically allocated CPU) containing basic demonstrations of objects and techniques for 'sampling' in Max/MSP, organized for easy copy and pasting. It is designed to be expli...


by Pierre Guillot

PG.LIBRARY All the libraries are available at the website : Dag Library is a collection of C classes and MAX/MSP objects destined to data analyse and generation. dag.averag...


by stkr

a collection of waveshaping functions and demos, requires Max 6.0.4 or later. - update, v. 1.0.1 - added 21 abstractions for those users without a full Gen license - this is not a complete set o...


by Ben Carey

bc.granulator-stereo.maxpat and bc.granulator-surround.maxpat stereo and 5-Channel surround soundfile granulators screenshot here Notes on the patches -       Both patches are essent...


by Peter McCulloch

Converts a matrix~ object into a mixer with volume and pan for each input.   Supports muting and lots of other useful features; this is a very easy way to combine many signals.


by Peter McCulloch

PM.Chamberlin~ is a Chamberlin state-variable filter.  It contains two extra modes (peak and notch), and is over-sampled so it supports cutoff frequencies over up to roughly 80% of the Nyquist freque...


by Guillaume Evrard

OSCKAR is a tool that allows you to quickly use data coming from various hardware devices and network (HI, MIDI, Wacom, Keyboard, OSC, other messages) inside your own patches. It's developed for La Gr...

Dual Video Mixer

by Neal Johnson

This is a project put together with the new VIZZIE modules (some modified,) a little bit of AUVI, some pieces of code found here and there all to create a live video mixer with loads of effects. There...

UBC Toolbox

by kahamel

The UBC Toolbox is a collection of 50+ modules that can be used to quickly construct Max patches.  The modules include players (eg. fm players, soundfile players, samplers, granulators, etc.) effects...

Spectral Tutorials

by Jean-Francois Charles

"A Tutorial on Spectral Sound Processing Using Max/MSP and Jitter", an article available in this issue of the Computer Music Journal:

Turn To FFT 1.01

by Mitch Turner

Turn_To_FFT_1.01 is a set of pfft~ subpatches that punch irregular holes into the spectrum of a sound. Included are pfft~ subpatches, helper patches, and ReadMe files.


by Darwin Grosse

velocity amplitude scaler

Luigi’s MSP Objects

by Luigi Castelli

Luigi's MSP Objects


by Timothy Place

An older granular patch I adapted from Nobaysu Sakonda's granular patches (ca. 1998)

Flac reader

by Bruno Zamborlin

Universal Binary external.


by rdudas

a wavetable-based oscillator bank (includes source code!)


by Ignotus

This synthesizer patch was designed to create sci-fi sound effects in the style of 50s movies. It passes an FM signal through a cheesy allpass reverb and a formant filtering section. Envelopes control...


by Peter Nyboer

a jitter-based kludge that allows for disk-based playback of mp3's and easy integration with sfplay~


by Darwin Grosse

mono synth

Signal-Rate Utilities

by Andrew Benson

A set of useful and simple objects for working with signal-rate timing. shot~ uninterruptible ramp triggered by 0-nonzero transitions, specified in milliseconds. cshot~ similar to shot~, but count...


by Leo van der Veen

Standalone application, a funky granular sample player. Can also be used for timestretch/pitchshift. Uses just one groove~ object to play fragments of a sample.