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Tools: mxj


by crx091081gb

This is an external I made for communicating via XBee in Max. It uses the RXTX library in mxj to access the serial port and Andrew Rapp's excellent java XBee library to do the heavy lifting. You n...


by ullrich

make a function from line segments with adjustable curvatures. each segment has an adjustable curvature. ported from the  rtcmix  library to java    

JRuby for Max

by Adam Murray

Ruby scripting support for Max/MSP and Max for Live. Runs on the JVM via Max's mxj object and JRuby (so you can use Java APIs and script Java code too). This provides an alternative extension p...


by Olivier Pasquet

Speech and phoneme recognition and segmentation. Recognize is a speech to text based on Sphinx4. It translates the incoming audio signal into text and can give dates of words and phonemes in a buff...


by Emmanuel Jourdan

After a discussion on the MaxMSP forum. Example to display a waveform, in circle... There's 2 versions included: plain Max, Java + lcd. Note: it's quick and dirty... but might be interesting to s...


by nick rothwell / cassiel

Python for MaxMSP using Jython within MXJ. Download:


by Arvid Tomayko

A Max object written in java (using mxj) to communicate back and forth over a single persistent TCP/IP socket with a TCP/IP server, something the net.tcp objects that ship with Max can't do. Opens a s...

Mxj Fileout

by FRid

Fileout finally available in max. Use this to write bytes to a file. Made to use with filein Everything is included in the .zip-file. [Updated V1.1] - changed input from lists to int due to max.lis...


by topher lafata

Java classes for the Max mxj extern which enable the execution of OS system commands from within Max.(OS X,PC)