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Tools: synth

kissbox.cvtoolbox external for analog synthesizer control

by BenKissBox

The CVToolbox (manufactured by KissBox) is an hardware control module for analog synthesizers. It provides eight CV (Control Voltage) channels with 16 bits resolution to control any kind of analog syn...

Polyvoice Trio with Multiphonic Arpeggiator

by Ernest

A multichannel, polyphonic arpeggiator with played-note ordering in the arpeggiation. Multichannel operation lets it arpeggiate different sounds as well as different notes. Each sound plays in a diffe...

Polyvoice Duo: 2-Channel Split/Unisono in Single Poly~

by Ernest

Polyoice Duo expands on the Polyvoice LRU allocator by providing two independent channels in one poly~. Any number of notes can on either channel, and each channel plays a different sound in the same ...

pedagogic synthetizer

by PapyLives

This is a simple and pedagogic synthetizer all made in Max 6 Get the updated version.


by Ben Carey

bc.granulator-stereo.maxpat and bc.granulator-surround.maxpat stereo and 5-Channel surround soundfile granulators screenshot here Notes on the patches -       Both patches are essent...

Motor Maker

by Dan Barker

Synthesizer designed to emulate the sound created by electrical motors for sound design use (is also great for creating Sci-Fi effects such as sliding doors and spacecraft engines).


by Peter McCulloch

PM.Chamberlin~ is a Chamberlin state-variable filter.  It contains two extra modes (peak and notch), and is over-sampled so it supports cutoff frequencies over up to roughly 80% of the Nyquist freque...

Rain Machine

by Dan Barker

A synthesizer designed to emulate rainfall in a sound design environment.  


by Darwin Grosse

velocity amplitude scaler


by Ignotus

This synthesizer patch was designed to create sci-fi sound effects in the style of 50s movies. It passes an FM signal through a cheesy allpass reverb and a formant filtering section. Envelopes control...


by Darwin Grosse

mono synth


by Peter Nyboer

a simple li'l fm synth, controllable by keyboard. Adapted from John Bischoff's FM Surfer example.


by Darwin Grosse