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Written Articles

Mini Interview: Morgan Neiman

An interview with singer, songwriter, and programmer Morgan Neiman .

Mini Interview: Duane Pitre

Duane Pitre is a musician and programmer with a focus on electro-acoustic, and light electronics.

Mini Interview: Oli Larkin

Oli Larkin develops software for music, including his own commercial plug-ins, and audiovisual art projects.

Mini Interview: Michael Lowenstern

Michael Lowenstern is a Bass Clarinet player and programmer.

Mini Interview: Brian Crabtree

Brian Crabtree creates objects, music, and objects that make music.

Mini Interview: Jeremy Bailey

Jeremy Bailey is a video and performance artist.

Mini Interview: Amanda Ghassaei

Amanda Ghassaei is a software engineer and an educator with a background in physics, chemistry, math.

Mini Interview: Jonny Greenwood

Jonny Greenwood is a composer, guitar player and programmer.

Mini Interview: Pauline Oliveros

Pauline Oliveros is a composer, accordion player, educator and karate black belt.

Mini Interview: Keith Fullerton Whitman

A short interview with musician Keith Fullerton Whitman about getting started, technology, inspiration and more.

Mira at ConCon in Los Angeles

Tomorrow (20 July) at 4:30pm, Tom Hall and I will be presenting a 45 minute demo of Mira, the iPad controller app from Cycling ’74. We will be discussing the design ideas behind Mira, show Mira working in different contexts, and highlighting the ability of Mira to facilitate collaboration. There will be a raffle for [...]

Bach beta 0.7 release

Congratulations to Andrea and Daniele on the release of Bach beta 0.7, which is a massive update with tons of new features and performance improvements. For those of you who have not heard of the Bach project, it is a huge and fully featured traditional music notation system for MaxMSP.

Taking Max Onstage With Herbie Hancock

Connecting a complex performance rig with Max.

New Hardware from LanBox

The guys at Lanbox have announced some new hardware. The LanBox LCXi is a rackmount update of the LCX DMX controller. There’s also a remote interface for it, the LanBox interface.Both look really nice. Eric from Lanbox also told me about a large Max 6 based DMX showcase for them. “Yutaka (from Japan) made a [...]

Working with Hardware: DMX, Part 3

Lighting up a dancer using Max 6, a Kinect and, a LED projector.

Working with Hardware: DMX, Part 2

Hear from experienced DMX and Max programmers, and get a list of links to DMX hardware vendors.

Working with Hardware: DMX, Part 1

In this tutorial series, you can explore the world of programming DMX with Max.

The Adaptive Use Instruments Project

Recently I bumped into composer and performer Pauline Oliveros (PO) in San Diego. We got to talking about one of her current projects, the Adaptive Use Musical Instruments for the Physically Challenged. This project introduces software designed to be used in therapy sessions to give children with limited motor skills the opportunity to participate in music, and offer them an outlet for musical expression. I arranged for a follow-up interview by email so that we could learn more about what this p...

A Grab Bag of Pluggo Dev Tricks

This folder contains a number of extra externals which we use in the various Pluggo based plug-in packages. These externals are unsupported, contain features which may change at any point, and may not be maintained with regard to backwards compatibility. However, plug-in developers may find some of them useful, and you are free to include and distribute them with your plugs. In this article, I'd like to introduce a few of them, explain a little about how they work, and also demonstrate a couple ...