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Networking: Max talking to Max

Networking is a sometimes confusing world. There are many networking options built into Max, and this article will endeavour to make clear which option is best for your application.

An Interview With Andrew Schloss

With a set of experiences that includes playing with Tito Puente, touring with Peter Brook's theatre ensemble in the 70s, and recently playing percussion with Rickie Lee Jones for the opening of the Experience Music Project in Seattle, it's clear that Andrew Schloss has been all over the map for the past 30 years. In the mid-80s, shortly after discovering the radio drum, an electronic instrument created at Bell Labs, he went to IRCAM where Miller Puckette and David Wessel introduced him to Max. ...

An Interview With Kim Cascone

Kim Cascone has worked as a synth tech, edited music for David Lynch films, founded San Francisco's first ambient electronic music label, and helped design new systems of audio for video games. In this conversation with Ben Nevile, Cascone discusses his electronic history, his interest in genetic algorithms, and a fresh compositional direction that he calls "New Density".

An Interview with Barney Haynes

Barney has been working in the fields of reactive installation and invasive media for 10 years.

Max Networking Basics

In order to maximize the potential of the built-in networking classes that are new with version 4.5 of Max, it's helpful to understand a few things about the way that modern network protocols operate. This article is intended to help you get off the ground by answering some basic networking questions.