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Created Tools

midi learn

by Johannes

The tool is using hover to assign midi-controls to scripted ui-objects. Activate the learn button and go over the ui-object with your mouse, then move the midi controller you want to assign. The na...

bubble mapping

by Johannes

This video tool uses dark areas in a picture to generate gridshape-spheres with the object. The black/white graduation is used for the size of the spheres and the depth (z-axis) All...


by Johannes

The jmx.quantizer analyzes incoming events and maps their duration (value or break) to the metric of  the global transporter. That means you may use this tool to evaluate note-values from other pl...


by Johannes

Another Looper! Play back a sample with small selections, define position, duration, rate and grain-pause between the events by using the x/y-panels left x/y-panel - position, duration right ...

Midi Progression Generator / Recorder

by Johannes

This tool generates chords and you are able to record the midi sequence with the recorder 1. define the density for the chord-generation (right top) 2. start the transporter (right bottom) 3....

harmony maker

by Johannes

The library includes 3 tools: scale-maker - scale generator based on key/octave chord-maker - uses incoming scale and selects the notes to generate a chord based on the selected harmony function...

sound slicer

by Johannes

The tool slices a buffer into chunks based on notevalues. The values are translated into the Global Transports time-domain, so it is tempo-independent. It is a pattern-generator for the buffer s...