Member since November 13, 2010

Benoit Granier is a French Composer living in Beijing (China), Born in 1974, he studied composition with Artur Gervasony, Guy Rebel, Donnacha Dennehy, Roger Doyle as well as Fergus Johnston at Trinity College Dublin where he completed a PhD degree in Computer Music and Composition in 2007. after studying there, he was appointed lecturer in sound design, composition and music programing, and supervised student thesis at Master's degree. After working in diverse institutions in both Beijing and Singapore, he settled down at the Centre for Electro Acoustic Music of China (C.E.M.C.) that is part of the Beijing Central Conservatory of Music. He is currently teaching Computer Music, and Composition, Digital and interactive Media. When moving down to Beijing, He founded the Timi Modern Music ensemble, Beijing renown amplified new music Band, in 2008. Among the pieces premiered by the Timi were work by emerging composers such as Tony Deritis, John Mallia, Gerry Chenoweth as well as Benoit Granier. The work that the composer did with the performers open new possibilities in music and introduce himself to the notion of music and culture... He has received comissions from? Demetrius Spaneas, Vicky Chow (from the Bang on Can all Star),The Oster Trio, Yu Yunchun, Aria Voce, Chen Yi, Bruce Gremo, There and everywhere, The Beijing University, Jorge Usan. His work has featured in Festival such as the Music and Culture diplomacy symposium (Boston), The beijing Modern Music festival, The Beijing Musicaoustica festival, The Gainsville electronic Music Festival, The ICMC, Open Fader, The Santa fe festival of electro-acoustic Music, Sound electric 05. Upcoming premiere for 2010-2011 include new commission by Bruce Gremo, Dr Richard Boulanger, colaboration with Gerald Chenoweth that will be premiered by the Timi Modern Music ensemble in autumn 2010. Over the past ten years, Dr Granier has also been active as a composer/visual artist. He has written for a large diversity of medium that ranges from composition for solo instruments to composition for large orchestra. He has also extensively worked for Mixed Media and pure electronics, and recently developed an interest for the creation of composition for mixed ensemble regrouping classical formation and traditional forces.