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Although taking lessons briefly when I was 6 and participation in my elementary and middle school's school band playing percussion, I did not consider music as a personal endeavor until 7th grade chancing upon $110 on the side of the road which I used to purchase a keyboard. Also at this time I was introduced by my brother to Fatboy Slim. I loved the sound of the music, and fell in love with techno, sampling, drum machines and synthezisers. I began working in Sonic Foundry (now Sony) Acid with loop libraries and honing my craft. Eventually I also picked up on turntables. I continued learning about audio, sampling, synthesis, and continued to want to learn more and more. I ended up going to the University of Colorado Denver for Music Technology, (as I wouldn't have gone to school for anything else) and now as a graduate I mostly keep to my own projects. I love techno and audio. all aspects. I took advantage of the student discount with Max/MSP interested in gaining deeper control of sound editing. As of now, I'm still a bit bewildered but am gaining knowledge of Max bit by bit, and am want to delve further into audio analysis, organization and manipulation.