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Roberto Attanasio

Roberto Attanasio was born in 1990 and is a Sound Designer based in Rome. Graduated in Sound Design in IED Rome and specialized in creation of audio/video software. Born as a Dj, he changed totally style, approaching to classical instruments, starting from the Piano, he found himself in the world of the avant-garde electronic music and visul arts. Musician and Sound Engineer in all their aspects, starting from the creation of his own instruments to the presentation on stage for an audio/visual show in real-time. In addition to his artistic profile, his work ranges from the classical studio sound engineer to producer, till creator of small software and plugin always at the forefront. Last but not the least his passion for teaching.

Created Projects

M4L: Imperial Grains Package

by Roberto Attanasio

Hello everyone! I created this two tools for Sound Design and Sound Experiments with Ableton Live and Max/MSP. Clip Based Imperial Grains (CLICK HERE FOR ...

M4L Imperial Grains

by Roberto Attanasio

Hello everyone! Do you remember my standalone application Imperial Grains? Well, now you can have for free an improved version for Max for Live. You can create ...

Max for App: Sound Bubbles

by Roberto Attanasio

Hello everyone! I decided to build a very simple application to create a "storm" of bubbles of sound. Very simple, useful in some situations when you need a fun...

M4L Spiker FXM

by Roberto Attanasio

Spiker FXM (Effects Module) is an audio effect for Max for Live. It is taken from Spiker, one of my standalone applications. I converted the effects module for ...

Max for App: Spiker

by Roberto Attanasio

Spiker is a new Mac Standalone application built with Max/MSP. It is an experimental application for Sound Design, in fact you can create rhythmic patterns u...

Max for App

by Roberto Attanasio

Hello folks! First of all, I want to say thank you to Dan Nigrin for his support. Finally, I'm entered in the World of applications built with Max/MSP. I think...

Story of an Empty Diary

by Roberto Attanasio

Hello everyone! I'm glad to show you my first official release. This is an EP with five tracks, and the entire project is made in real-time with Max/MSP & ...

M4L Real-Time Texture 2.0

by Roberto Attanasio

Hello everyone. :) Now is the time to show you a new up date of my first M4L Device, click here if you want to see the last page. There are many improvements ...

Research of Design

by Roberto Attanasio

Hello everyone, I'm here to present you a new A/V project. I like to create audio-reactive visuals, and this project is the result of an extremization of all o...

Sine Waves Orchestra

by Roberto Attanasio

Sine Waves Orchestra is a generative software made entirely with Max/MSP 6 that creates ambient and relax music only with sinusoids. It has five voices, with a ...

M4L Real-Time Texture Lite Version 1.1

by Roberto Attanasio

M4L Real-Time Texture Lite Version 1.1 Max 4 Live Device. It creates a real granular texture only with the sounds of your project. You don't have to search a...

Emotional Waves

by Roberto Attanasio

Emotional Waves is a software to create a different representation of the sound. In fact I use this to create my visuals in live or in studio. The concept is ve...

3D Crystalizer

by Roberto Attanasio

Visual application that creates a "crystal" 3D effect with images. Built entirely with Max Msp 6. The application is available on my website in "programming...

Imperial Grains

by Roberto Attanasio

Standalone application to make granular synthesis of every sound. I use principally this application in my lessons, to teach the important parameters of granula...

Friendly Hand Drawing

by Roberto Attanasio

This application turns any photo or video to recreate the classic visual effect "hand-drawn". Is interesting make a the test with high quality video since the e...