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Created Projects

lenticular [album series]

by lewis lepton

this is an ongoing series, consisting of hour long [1hr 20mins with 002 onwards] compositions directed to electronics, ambient, improvisation and good ol' music...

operand – pas de son

by lewis lepton

an experimental ambient/drone album. made using my own built [hantera] software, using the max/msp environment. using only sine waves to bend and manipulate...

Vulsang Edge – The Better Side Of Today

by lewis lepton

auricular branch presents the vulsang edge album - the better side of today, available for listening and *purchasing. this album was made using only **padi/p...

operand – transient series [music]

by lewis lepton

this is a music project i undertook, using my own operand software [that i also update regularly and sell] and creating a series of albums, a series which i cal...


by lewis lepton

version 1.1.1 [updated release, second february] with the rise of granular synthesis becoming more and more popular, either being with synthesizers or sample m...

alphabet soup

by lewis lepton

free downloadable three minute long tracks made with max patches. tracks are labeled through the alphabet. its an on-going project that has no signs of it ev...


by lewis lepton

standalone, six channel audio manipulator, for hardware synths, audio inserts, and anything else that can carry a signal. used to create and design new sounds t...


by lewis lepton

freeware six channel audio manipulation program for hardware synths, drum machines, audio. available download for os x.