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Sam Tarakajian

Novel-reader, coffee-drinker, code-writer by day, wholesale consumer of pomegranates and walnuts by night.

Written Articles

Mira 1.1.7 is now available

Good news, everyone: Mira 1.1.7 is out. Don’t forget to download an updated version of the Mira package for Max, in addition to the new version of the Mira app. So what’s new in Mira 1.1.7? In a word, speed. With this new version, we wanted to focus on stability and speed. We optimized the [...]

Mira caught behind the scenes of J-Pop

By way of the very talented Daito Manabe it’s come to our attention that Mira has been spotted in the wild. It has made its way across the Pacific and into a nonspeaking role in a teaser video released to promote a single by the Japanese pop supergroup Perfume. Cycling ’74 did not pay [...]

An Interview with Ducky

Pushing the bounds of the genre she invented with Max for Live and Arduino.

Mira Video Roundup

Two months ago, Mira was born. Of course, that doesn’t mean that development has stopped–far from it. Since the moment it came into the world, Mira has continued growing steadily. At this point you might well be wondering just how little Mira is coming along. Well, according to, at two months of development “your [...]

NIME, Day 2

Bill Verplank takes the stage When most people get ready to make a presentation they turn to Powerpoint or Keynote. If they’re of the fixed-gear bicycle persuasion, maybe they reach for something like Prezi. As would become increasingly obvious over the course of his keynote address, Bill Verplank is not most people. The NIME community is [...]

NIME, Day 1

Welcome to Daejeon On my last day in Korea, I wouldn’t even have noticed. Nothing about staring at a heaping bowl of pickled cabbage first thing in the morning would bother me. After one week of eating kimchee three meals a day, every day, the part of me that needed two chocolate croissants and a double [...]

NIME, Day 0

Recently, I went to the NIME (New Interfaces for Musical Expression) conference in at KAIST in Daejeon, South Korea. Over the course of five days, I attended workshops in Web Audio, absorbed paper presentations on digital laughter and watched what could only be described as a pneumatic zombie duet. I also attended not [...]

Mira at NIME

Mira. It’s coming. In fact, if you find yourself in Daejeon on Wednesday the 29th, then you’ll be able to play with it in person. I’ll be demoing Mira as part of NIME, the 13th international conference for New Interfaces for Musical Expression. Hope to see you there!