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Timothy Place

Tim is designing software for Cycling '74 with a particular emphasis on audio and signal processing. In addition to his work for Cycling '74 he is running Electrotap, creating interactive music and art, leading the open-source Jamoma project, building furniture with hand tools, enjoying time with his family, and riding thousands of miles on his bicycle.

Created Tools

Big Search Path

by Timothy Place

A larger version of max's search-path inspector so you can see more of the path and add more search-paths. (ca. 2001) This is no longer needed as of Max 5.


by Timothy Place

An older granular patch I adapted from Nobaysu Sakonda's granular patches (ca. 1998)


by Timothy Place

Hover reports the name of the object over which the cursor is hovering, if the object has a scripting-name. This object is now a standard object in Max 5.

SuperCollider Compatibility Lib

by Timothy Place

A humble start on a package of abstractions to make porting SuperCollider patches to Max/MSP easier... (ca. 2001)


by Timothy Place

A bpatcher which displays text rotated by 90 degrees in either direction. Built using the LCD object. If you have Jamoma, you can look at another example of vertical text by using the jcom.label ex...

iNset Toolkit

by Timothy Place

Set Theory Analysis on a MIDI stream using Pyrite. (ca. 2000) As of the release of Max 4.5, JavaScript has essentially taken the role that Pyrite used to have in Max 3.5. It should be reasonably st...


by Timothy Place

8 In/8 Out Audio Spatialization Matrix with graphical location controls and real-time gesture recording/playback and manipulation. (ca. 1999) A vastly improved spatializer interface is included with t...

TapTools Edit

by Timothy Place

This is a wave editor that I started building in Max/MSP. It is now unsupported / unmaintained, but may have some tidbits to interest folks. (ca. 2001)


by Timothy Place

This is an alternative port of Miller Puckett's bonk~ object. This port was originally done by Ichiro Fujinaga in 1999 for my piece Chinese Food II (for Chopsticks & Computer). When Max 4 came out...

Signal Meters

by Timothy Place

a group of signal meters built with lcd and created to be used in bpatchers. This includes tap.AquaGain~ - an Aqua themed stereo meter/slider combo pictured below.

Written Articles

Soundflower’s role in multi-track Skype group call recordings

Lots of people use Soundflower for producing podcasts and doing various work where audio needs to get from one app to another. One great thing about Soundflower is that it is hackable so that you can customize it to your needs. A clever Soundlower user — who hosts “LuBlog” — contacted [...]

Jamoma Workshop

Last week I arrived home from a 'vacation' in France. In my case though, the term 'vacation' means that I was programming and debugging objects for Max/MSP/Jitter. The occasion for this trip to France were two workshops focusing on Jamoma that were organized by Pascal Baltazar, GMEA, and Incidents Mémorables. The workshops [described in this article] were held in Albi and Paris, respectively.

Stupid JS Trick #2: Dragging a Window Around

Welcome to the second installment of Stupid JS Tricks. If you missed the previous installment, you can take trip back in time to see us resize our patcher's interface. In this trick we will rise to a brave new challenge: to drag a window around on our screen without using the standard drag-able region provided on that window by the operating system.

Stupid JS Tricks

This hopefully periodic new column will attempt to get Max's JavaScript object, JS, to jump through a few hoops and garner our applause.

Max/MSP 4.5.7 released!

Whew! It was a ton of work, and took a lot of long hours, but we’ve released Max/MSP version 4.5.7 – a free update to all Max/MSP 4.5 users. The update contains a litany of various bug fixes, some new pattr features, and support for our upcoming Pluggo 3.5.4 update. This version also is the first [...]

Tap.Tools 2.1 Released

Version 2.1 of Tap.Tools has been released by Electrotap. This version of Tap.Tools offers a variety of enhancements and bug fixes to users. The update is free to registered users of Tap.Tools 2.0

iCE Externals Released

iCE allows users to build composing frameworks, data storage and processing systems, and user interfaces for all manner of sequencing directly within Max/MSP. iCE is the Swiss army knife of sequencing and it's stylish too. Use iCE to quickly build your own fully working sequencer to your own specifications and never touch Logic, Cubase or Pro Tools again. *Note, DSPaudio is addressing multi-tracking in the future, so get ready to work entirely in Max/MSP.

Xray.jit objects released

Xray.jit objects have been released. These are divided into several broad categories pertaining to Geometry, Data, Video, and Simulation. The Geometry objects deal more with OpenGL situations. The Data objects operate on jitter matrices without consideration for what that data necessarily represents and are more geared toward the general matrix format. The Video objects on the other hand mostly deal with data that is in one of the common video formats such as 1 plane char or 4 plane char. Finall...