Member since February 27, 2009

short biography: born in 1962 first experiences and experiments with electro-acoustic music in 1981 (also first selfmade machines, modules etc.) in 1988 former member and founder of the darkwave-formation "Neun Tage" 1988, 1989 participant at the Holiday Workshop of Contemporary Music in Gera, Thuringia in the electro-acoustic-class under the leadership of L. Voigtländer 1991 first rehearsals with S. Schöning (DIN-A-Testbild) and R. Glofke (Neun Tage) in 1995 former member and founder of "Ens. Kunstkopf" (D.Specht, P. Laschet, M. Machlitt, T. Streng) since 1995 studies by Helmut Zapf in composition and eartraining since 1996 participant at the "NoiseFactory" by the Hoerbar e.V. Hamburg since 2004 member of "Messsonde Gertrud" since 2002 - soundinstallations also by the festival "Randfestspiele" in Zepernick participation and several first releases by the festival "Intersonanzen" Potsdam, "Pyramidale" Berlin and "Randfestspiele" Zepernick further infos: taymurstreng.de soundcloud.com/tstreng www.randspiele.de "Spannung, Leistung, Widerstand" (interview with R. Galenza)