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Still using charcoal.

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by whiteboxsynthmakers

A rework of a Max for Live TB303 with added phasor and an extra waveform. Pieced together into a rack with some chorus and fuzz to give it a Roger Fripp quality...


by whiteboxsynthmakers

WHITEBOX Pixiphone, an ambient instrument that models a child's toy then enlarges it with spectral delay, reverb, brightness, hit strength, attack and decay. In...

WHITEBOX SAMPLEPLAYER. Mac only. Requires Dirac external. Link given.

by whiteboxsynthmakers

Mac ONLY! Drag any sample onto the player to use this plug-in. It features ADSR, a reverb and a multi function filter with a graphical interface to aid settings...


by whiteboxsynthmakers

An ambient synth with 8 pad tones plus Reverb, Attack, Release, Cutoff and Spectral Delay.   A surprisingly deep variation of sounds available with a...


by whiteboxsynthmakers

WHITEBOX DIALSYNTH is a superfast one-dial call-up of 24 presets ranging from rich pads to quirky leads.   No dials to tweak. Who needs them? Get wri...


by whiteboxsynthmakers

Designed for the musician who is either in a hurry, bored with tweaking parameters and/or extremely lazy. It takes the decision-making out of sound selection...


by whiteboxsynthmakers

More FAT than PHAT, this gizmo lets you drop any sample into it's synth-mouth and then tweak it with synth controls and play it back across the keyboard. Fea...


by whiteboxsynthmakers

WHITEBOX LOW is a piece of reverse-engineering. I am deeply impressed with Ableton's ambient and evolving instruments so have constructed LOW to complement thes...

Whitebox Ambibell

by whiteboxsynthmakers

Inspired by Ableton's Ambient and Evolving instruments, this is an ambient soundscape thing. I've used patches from Pluggo's Big Ben Bell, Chamberverb, Raind...

Whitebox Malletbox

by whiteboxsynthmakers

Whitebox Malletbox is an ambient percussive instrument with a user-recordable buffer. The buffer has four variables that change pitch, direction and tempo of pl...