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David Zicarelli

Written Articles

Sound Design with Max

UK-based sound designer and educator Mark Durham’s blog Sound Design with Max is a great resource for learning more about using Max for designing rich and complex sounds for use in film scores, video games, or just scaring your neighbors. In addition to a set of useful patches and sound examples, you’ll find [...]

Two New Max Books

Two remarkable new books featuring Max have just been published that should be a part of any serious student’s collection. First, volume 2 of Electronic Music and Sound Design by Alessandro Cipriani and Maurizio Giri continues the first volume’s exploration of audio applications of Max/MSP through hundreds of interactive examples. In this volume, the focus shifts [...]

What it’s like to work at Cycling ’74

Cycling ’74 is a completely distributed company theoretically located in San Francisco. It’s technically not located in San Francisco any more due to the fact that it no longer has an office. Its corporate records are stored in my house in Santa Cruz and we pay city business license tax there as well. The only [...]

Workshop at Harvestworks

Eric Lyon, author of the book Designing Audio Objects for Max/MSP and Pd, will be teaching a workshop on designing your own audio objects at Harvestworks in New York City on Saturday, May 18. For more information or to sign up, visit the Harvestworks web site.

An early look at our mobile development

At the Code Control Festival in Leicester England this past weekend we gave attendees an advance peek at some of our mobile projects. Sam Tarakajian, our principal mobile developer, showed a new iPad app, the Mira controller for Max, that makes it possible, with as close to zero configuration as possible, to make [...]

An Interview with Eric Lyon

Eric discusses the power of coding audio and more.

Post and Beam Release

Holland Hopson’s Post and Beam was released last year, but I stupidly didn’t fall in love with it until recently. I guarantee you’ve never heard anything like it — beautifully performed original and traditional folk songs set against an electronic dreamworld. I can’t think of a recording that provides a more powerful study [...]

Book on writing audio externals in C for Max and Pd now available

Eric Lyon, developer of numerous cool MSP objects including the FFTease series, has written an amazingly comprehensive new book on writing audio externals in C for Max and Pd. Eric takes you through a series of twelve examples to illustrate how to implement audio and DSP concepts in external objects. Learn more about [...]

Live Cubes

Our friends at Percussa have released a new Audio Cube powered Max for Live device called Soundor. Here’s a demo of cubist FM synthesis goodness:

What’s in a Number?

Pomona College in Southern California has been a Cycling ’74 customer for over a decade. Beyond our appreciation for Pomona’s use of the software in several different departments, we can empathize with the school’s nerdy obsession with a certain number. You can probably imagine that we too ascribe magical powers to a certain number similar [...]

Max Mathews: An Appreciation

Why wouldn't you?

Tools for Creating Devices in Live

This article provides a brief tour of the features we’ve added to Max for creating Live devices. If you’re familiar with our old plug-in development objects, we hope you’ll notice the major improvements we’ve made. If you’re new to creating Max content for audio and MIDI processing, we hope this tour will give you a [...]

Announcing Expo ’74: Our First User Conference

I'm pleased to announce that Cycling '74 will be hosting its first user conference next year, Expo '74. The conference will run three days from April 22-24, 2009 and will be held at the new (and intensely colored) Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco. I'd like to tell you why we decided to put on this event and what you can expect to happen if you attend...

Max 5 and Attributes

Sometimes when you are programming, you need to be able to configure some information about how your computer will do its job. Over the years, programmers have come up with a number of different terms for these little pieces of information -- parameters, properties, fields, etc. In Max, we call them attributes. Attributes were first introduced in Jitter, where they make it convenient to manage the state of complex objects such as In Max 4.5, a few Max objects such as pattr (which i...

A First Look at Max 5

A quick video-illustrated look at Max5.

Q & A with Amoebazoid

Zuckung from Amoebazoid is the newest c74 music release. Take a quick look at what Amoebazoid, himself, has to say about his new album.

An Interview with Bert Schiettecatte about AudioCubes

Bert Schiettecatte is the founder of Percussa, a music hardware and software company located near Leuven, Belguim. The company's first product is Audio Cubes, a beautiful and unusual controller system that can be used in powerful ways in conjunction with Max/MSP and other software. Read more about Audio Cubes in this article.

Our Collaboration with Ableton

At this year's Musikmesse, Ableton announced it has entered into a strategic partnership with Cycling '74 to develop new products. You can read Ableton's story about this partnership here. I wanted to share my perspective on what this partnership will mean (as well as what it will not mean) for Cycling '74 users.

C74 Tries Marketing to Kids (and Soccer Moms)

Cycling '74 has received its share of athletic sponsorship requests during its nine year history. Typically these have been bicycle tours or related events, and after careful consideration, we have rejected all of them. However, when I received an urgent call from the coach of my son Bruno's soccer team saying that they were flirting with disqualification for lack of a sponsor, our corporate policy of exhaustive review (involving multiple levels of committee meetings) was carelessly discarded in...

An Interview With William Kleinsasser

In the last 20 years William Kleinsasser has received national and international recognition in competitions, conferences and festivals by pushing technology to its limits. The c74 CD Available Instruments showcases the composer's ability to adapt digital technology to the orchestral environment. In this interview with David Zicarelli, Kleinsasser discusses the fundamental challenges facing computer music, and connects the dots between yesterday's tape music and his modern interactive compositi...