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An Interview with WaveDNA

In this unique interview the WaveDNA team, the developers of Liquid Rhythm reveal how they have embraced Max in all the stages of their software development.

Mini Interview: Duane Pitre

Duane Pitre is a musician and programmer with a focus on electro-acoustic, and light electronics.

Mini Interview: Oli Larkin

Oli Larkin develops software for music, including his own commercial plug-ins, and audiovisual art projects.

Mini Interview: Michael Lowenstern

Michael Lowenstern is a Bass Clarinet player and programmer.

Mini Interview: Brian Crabtree

Brian Crabtree creates objects, music, and objects that make music.

An Interview with James Ryan

Does your doctor use Jitter? Whether it's doing visuals for Detroit musicians, audio-visual theater, or practicing medicine, James Ryan has found ways to expand his practice with Max.

An Interview with Jacqueline Gordon

Jacqueline Gordon uses Max to build sculptural multichannel sound installations.

Mini Interview: Jeremy Bailey

Jeremy Bailey is a video and performance artist.

Mini Interview: Amanda Ghassaei

Amanda Ghassaei is a software engineer and an educator with a background in physics, chemistry, math.

Mini Interview: Jonny Greenwood

Jonny Greenwood is a composer, guitar player and programmer.

An Interview with Jasper Speicher

In this interview, Jasper explains his use of Max in prototyping large projects and creating tools.

Mini Interview: Pauline Oliveros

Pauline Oliveros is a composer, accordion player, educator and karate black belt.

Mini Interview: Keith Fullerton Whitman

A short interview with musician Keith Fullerton Whitman about getting started, technology, inspiration and more.

An Interview with Ducky

Pushing the bounds of the genre she invented with Max for Live and Arduino.

Video Interviews with Toni Dove and Luke DuBois

Learn about the history of Lucid Possession and the technological solutions used in the show, and how the entire complex system works.

gen~ Video Tutorial Series

Videos for new Gen users.

An Interview with Geoff Martin

Developing new sound hardware for Bang & Olufsen with Max.

An Interview with Julien Bayle

Learn how he uses custom hardware, Arduino, Ableton Live and Max to create his work.

An Interview with Ryan Holsopple

Max enables him to create new theatrical experiences.

An Interview with Dan Trueman

Dan shares how he balances programming, performance, and composition.

An Interview with Tarik Barri on Tour with Monolake

Tarik Barri discusses his visual work with Monolake and more.

Buffer Shuffler 2.0 Video Series

Get to know the Max for Live Buffer Shuffler 2.0.

Max 6 Feature: Packages

Packages are a convenient means of bundling for distribution.

An Interview with Sue-C

Hear how Sue-C's unique performance approach comes together.

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