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Did You Know?

Week 52: Audio Settings

Use multi-core processors and eliminate clicks while editing.

Week 51: Audio CPU Usage Display

Track down CPU-intensive objects.

Week 50: Gen Help System

There is a special help system just for gen objects.

Week 49: AU and vst~ on Mac

Use Apple's Audio Units in the vst~ object.

Week 48: Explorer Options

You can configure the object explorer.

Week 47: Waveshaping with gen~

Use DSP code inside your Max patch.

Week 46: Object Prototypes and plot~

Learn about useful prototype versions.

Week 45: Pack and Join

Use the new join object to pack lists.

Week 44: JavaScript Editor

More JavaScript editing options in Max 6.

Week 43: Messages and Patch Cords

Use the circular menu to get helpful lists.

Week 42: Circular Menu: Files

Use to see all the files in the Max Search Path.

Week 41: routepass

Route lists without slicing off the first element.

Week 40: Snap Align

You can align groups of objects in various ways.

Week 39: Copy Color

Copy and paste the colors of objects.

Week 38: print popup

In Max 6, the print object can post messages.

Week 37: Temp Search Path

You can add folders temporarily.

Week 36: Non-repeating urn

Make urn never repeat successive numbers.

Week 35: List Objects

Max can tell you all the external objects loaded so far.

Week 34: Inlet and Outlet Assistance

You can add assistance text to inlets and outlets.

Week 33: matrixctrl

You can use Max to create graphics files for matrixctrl.

Week 32: Set Your Metro

The easiest way to set your metro to follow your Max transport.

Week 31: pak Object

You can construct complex messages that easily update using the pak object.

Week 30: Record Audio

You can easily record the audio from your patch.

Week 29: Disable loadbang and loadmess

You can disable loadbang and loadmess objects when you open a patch.

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