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Did You Know?

Week 28: Output Math Calculations

You know you can use pak to output math object calculations.

Week 27: Message Box Lists

You can unpack and rearrange lists using a message box.

Week 26: Export Image

You can export the image of your Max patch as a .png file

Week 25

You can play a movie backward and create stop-motion effects in Jitter.

Week 24: Key Commands

You can fix the width of any Max object, message, or comment box.

Week 23: Map adc~ and dac~

You can map your adc~ and dac~ to different hardware channels.

Week 22: buffer~

You can use a buffer~ name to send messages.

Week 21: Lock Objects

Lock objects in the background so they won't move when editing.

Week 20: DSP Status Window

You can include parts of the DSP Status Window in your patch.

Week 19: Compress Patch

You can make Copy-Compressed the default menu option.

Week 18: Multiple Windows

Use two windows and zoom in to look at the same patch.

Week 17: List Loaded Externals

List loaded externs and their locations with a simple message to Max.

Week 16: Loadbang Method in Max for Live

Javascript loadbang method in Max for Live is not a good idea.

Week 15: Frames and Detect Movement

You can use differences between frames to detect movement.

Week 14: Presentation View

Include or exclude an object from Presentation View.

Week 13: Create Multiple Patch Cords

Use the shift key to create multiple patch cords.

Week 12: flonum Object

Scroll the flonum object with different degrees of precision.

Week 11: Devices for Mac and Windows

Build Max for Live devices that will work on Mac and Windows.

Week 10: bpatchers and subpatchers

Use bpatchers like subpatchers, without using an abstraction.

Week 9: Single-button Output

Cause all loadbangs and loadmesses in your patch to output by clicking on one button.

Week 8: Duplicate Objects

Duplicate objects with a constant offset.

Week 7: Make Max Crash

Make Max crash–intentionally.

Week 6: Scale Interface Objects

Scale user interface objects in size and spacing.

Week 5: High- and Low-pass Filters

Make a high-pass filter using a low-pass filter.