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An Interview with Icarus

Icarus discusses their “album in 1000 variations” and more.

Recipe 52: DirtySignal

    General Principles
  • Combining Jitter Matrix manipulations to replicate an effect
  • Using sound to distort video

Recipe 51: Scrunch

    General Principles
  • Pixel animations
  • Feedback with OpenGL
  • Color and spatial effects

Recipe 50: Branching

The branching structure of a tree provides the basis for this animation patch.

Your Max Standalone on Mac App Store

Learn how to share your Max creations.

Expand Your Sounds with Soundflower

Expand sounds in your next Audacity project.

Jitter Recipes: Book 4, Recipes 44-49

Max 6 brought a wealth of new tools -- including a full physics engine, support for complex scene hierarchies, advanced animation tools -- for making some really fine Jitter Recipes.

Gen 3: The Fine Art of Surfacing

jit.gen can handle matrices of any type, dimension, and planecount.

An Interview with Jeff Rona

Jeff Rona shows how Max fits into his studio workflow and creative process.

Collaboration in the Forum

Read about a collaborative forum thread filled with cool Max tricks and ideas.

Working with Hardware: Livid’s Code

Part 3 of the tutorial series on Livid Instruments' Code.

Science Fair Projects, Part 4

At the 2011 Expo '74, some Max users exhibited their design and research work.

Gen Patch-a-day

Get helpful and fun examples of Gen, the new Max add-on.

Gen Tutorial 2b: Adventures in Vectorland

The jit.pix-based patches we created in our last tutorial do cool things and use patching techniques that will probably be accessible to the average Max user, they’re not all that they could or should be as Jitter Gen patches. Don’t get me wrong – they make sense and introduce the idea of swizzling data from a [...]

Gen Tutorial 2a: The Joy of Swiz

A two-part introduction to Gen objects in Jitter

Working with Hardware: Livid’s Code (Part Two)

In part 1, Darwin showed us all the fundamentals behind step sequencing in Max, and extended that from the computer to the controller. With hands-on, real-time, improvisatory control over a sequence, he articulated the technical know-how to experience the joy of Max. In this article, I’ll explo...

Week 52: Audio Settings

Use multi-core processors and eliminate clicks while editing.

Week 51: Audio CPU Usage Display

Track down CPU-intensive objects.

An Interview with Andrew Demirijian

Producing artwork that incorporates technology and organic elements.

Working with Hardware: Livid’s Code

A series devoted to building software for hardware.

Week 50: Gen Help System

There is a special help system just for gen objects.

Week 49: AU and vst~ on Mac

Use Apple's Audio Units in the vst~ object.

Science Fair Projects, Part 3

At the 2011 Expo '74, some Max users exhibited their electronic experiments.

Week 48: Explorer Options

You can configure the object explorer.