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Week 47: Waveshaping with gen~

Use DSP code inside your Max patch.

Science Fair Projects, Part 2

At the 2011 Expo '74, some Max users exhibited their musical performance work.

Week 46: Object Prototypes and plot~

Learn about useful prototype versions.

Week 45: Pack and Join

Use the new join object to pack lists.

Week 44: JavaScript Editor

More JavaScript editing options in Max 6.

Science Fair Projects, Part 1

At the 2011 Expo '74, some Max users exhibited their controller work.

Week 43: Messages and Patch Cords

Use the circular menu to get helpful lists.

November Patch-a-day

Exploring MGraphics for UI Design

Week 42: Circular Menu: Files

Use to see all the files in the Max Search Path.

gen~: The Garden of Earthly Delays

Sequence of little patches for some audio fun.

Week 41: routepass

Route lists without slicing off the first element.

Cycling ’74 Releases Max Version 6 and the Gen Add-on

Powerful Toolset for Media Applications San Francisco, CA • October 26, 2011 — Cycling ’74 today released Version 6.0 of its Max media development tools. Enhancements to Max 6 include extensive user interface improvements, higher-quality audio, extended multi-processor support, organization tools for projects, and improved OpenGL animation and rendering tools. Cycling ’74 also released Gen, a high-performance [...]

Week 40: Snap Align

You can align groups of objects in various ways.

Week 39: Copy Color

Copy and paste the colors of objects.

Max 6 Sneak Peek: MSP Audio Quality

Get a look at audio quality improvements.

Max 6 Sneak Peek: Jitter OpenGL

See new Jitter features in Max 6.

Week 38: print popup

In Max 6, the print object can post messages.

An Interview with Damian Taylor

The producer/engineer talks about Björk's "Biophilia" and how Max challenged his linear view of music.

Week 37: Temp Search Path

You can add folders temporarily.

Week 36: Non-repeating urn

Make urn never repeat successive numbers.

An Interview with Dafna Naphtali

The Expo '74 presenter talks about her work.

Week 35: List Objects

Max can tell you all the external objects loaded so far.

An Evening at Columbia

As a perfect end to the first day Expo ’74 2011, our friends at the Computer Music Center at Columbia University are hosting a free event for expo attendees beginning at 7pm. Take this opportunity to see some amazing projects and gear, and to meet some outstanding people in the New York-area [...]

Week 34: Inlet and Outlet Assistance

You can add assistance text to inlets and outlets.