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Week 12: flonum Object

Scroll the flonum object with different degrees of precision.

Week 11: Devices for Mac and Windows

Build Max for Live devices that will work on Mac and Windows.

Week 10: bpatchers and subpatchers

Use bpatchers like subpatchers, without using an abstraction.

Week 9: Single-button Output

Cause all loadbangs and loadmesses in your patch to output by clicking on one button.

Week 8: Duplicate Objects

Duplicate objects with a constant offset.

Week 7: Make Max Crash

Make Max crash–intentionally.

Week 6: Scale Interface Objects

Scale user interface objects in size and spacing.

Week 5: High- and Low-pass Filters

Make a high-pass filter using a low-pass filter.

Week 4: The Inspector

Build message boxes with the Inspector.

Week 3: Object Thesaurus

Every new object box is a thesaurus.

Week 2: No Patch Cords

Message boxes work without patch cords.

Week 1: Four Ways to Unlock

There are four ways to unlock your patch.

Work Your Framerates

Learn to optimize and benchmark a Jitter project.

Announcing Expo ’74 2011

Join us in Brooklyn for our next Max user conference!

Max for Live Video Tutorials

In addition to new devices and lessons in the Max for Live update (Max 5.1.8/Live 8.2.2), there are a couple of new Live API features we would like to share with you in these short video tutorials. Many Max for Live devices utilize the Live API to control and keep track of different parts [...]

An Interview with Tarik Barri

An innovative young artist based in Holland.

Video Tutorial: Play a Movie

With, adding video playback to your patch is pretty simple, but it can seem intimidating at first. This video provides all the essential information to play and project Quicktime movies in Max, so you can start making your ultimate multimedia experience a reality with Jitter.

Video Tutorial: Use Trigger for Organized Patching

Trigger is an essential object for everyday Max use, and is a favorite tool for many of the seasoned Max users. Learn to harness the power of trigger and you’ll avoid message-passing chaos and maintain order in your patch. Use it well and people might think you are a patching expert. This tutorial video [...]

An Interview with Tom Erbe

SoundHack is a legendary, beloved, and free tool for mangling sound.

Putting Max into Words

Our Italian friends Maurizio Giri and Alessandro Cipriani, authors of Electronic Music and Sound Design, tell us why their book is worth checking out and offer insight into its writing in this interview with Cycling ’74.

A Textbook For Max

Despite years of widespread use in academia, there has never been a proper textbook, written in English, for sound synthesis and processing in Max/MSP. With a recently published text, Maurizio Giri and Alessandro Cipriani have changed that. Electronic Music and Sound Design: Theory and Practice with Max/MSP – Volume 1 originally written in Italian, has [...]

Using Microsoft Kinect with Max

The Max community has been bitten by the Kinect bug.

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