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Introducing Vizzie

$(document).ready(function() { _kmq.push(function(){ var possible_titles = { "Introducing Vizzie":"Introducing Vizzie: high-level modules for streamlining visual creativity", "fun new way":"Vizzie: A fun new way to drag, drop, connect, and project", "(higher) level":"Vizzie: Taking Jitter to a new (higher) level", "jet pack":"Vizzie: Jitter with a Jet Pack" [...]

Making Connections: Control Voltage Output Using OSC, Processing, and a Microcontroller

My most recent project, the USB-Octomod, uses Processing to create an OpenSoundControl (OSC) interface between any OSC-ready software and a hardware CV device I built using a Teensy 2.0 microcontroller and two MAX5250 DAC chips. In this article, I’m going to break down the connections between the different pieces of software and [...]

When is a Patch Finished?

As it turns out, the answer to this simple question is as varied and complex as the Max user community itself. Perhaps how you answer this question depends on what Max means to you, how you approach it as a tool.

An Interview with Francisco Colasanto

Francisco Colasanto recently published Max/MSP: Guía de Programación para Artistas, the first Spanish-language book devoted to Max. In this interview, we get a chance to catch up with Francisco and learn more about his in-depth book as well as his work at CMMAS in Mexico and elsewhere.

An Interview with Randall Packer

Composer Randall Packer collaborated with Opera Singer Charles Lane, Designer Greg Kuhn and Director Melissa Weaver to create a theater piece entitled A Season in Hell, premiering at the Zero1 Festival in San Jose on September 17-19, 2010.

Jitter Recipes: Book 3, Recipes 26-43

In third installment of Jitter Recipe Collection, the Jitter Recipe “AnaglyphRender” builds on the “RenderMaster” recipe posted to create a realtime 3-D anaglyph image.

An Interview with Kurt Ralske

Kurt Ralske is a mysterious and interesting artist who makes gorgeous and magical video installations that seem to defy physics. This is a second career for this talented guy who danced with life as a pop star when he was very young.

An Interview with Valérie Lamontagne

Valérie Lamontagne is a digital media artist, designer, theorist and curator based in Montréal, Canada researching techno-artistic frameworks that combine human/nonhuman subjects. She recently used Max/MSP in a performance based on the Charles Perrault fairy tale “Peau d’Âne.”

Noise Tutorial 1: Riding Tandem With The Random

In the last several tutorials I’ve written, I’ve been talking about a subject that interests me a great deal – how to add variety to a Max patch in ways that both provide you with surprising and interesting combinations and do so in ways that make the transition between your input and what your patch [...]

An Interview with Giorgio Sancristoforo

Giorgio Sancristoforo is a very enthusiastic artist, musician, audio engineer and software developer based in Milan, Italy. Giorgio incorporates Max/MSP into all his projects whether they are his interesting audio applications that sell for a modest price or his more artistic projects such as sound design for a large-scale composition culled from the sounds of [...]

An Interview with Ali Momeni

Long-time Max user, artist, and educator Ali Momeni discusses his current projects including Minneapolis Art on Wheels and the Spark Festival. Ali shares how he got involved with Max and shares his latest work with us.

Summer Max Workshop for High-School Students

For the first time, we are offering a three-day Max workshop only for high school students ages 15-18. It will take place at the Cycling ’74 office in San Francisco, July 27-29 (10:30am-3:30pm).

Max Workshop in Los Angeles

Our next Max workshop will be held in Los Angeles, CA, and is strictly for beginners. This workshop is specifically for new users of Max or Max for Live, and is intended to provide an introduction to Max, MSP, and Jitter together as a unit in the context of Max and Max for Live.

An Interview with Elise Baldwin

Elise Baldwin is an intermedia artist that works with music and projections. I find her work to be both fragile and dense, inspiring me creatively on several levels. She creates music that interacts with both live and recorded video.

An Interview with Chris Coleman

Artist and educator Chris Coleman is recognized in the Max community for his work on Maxuino, a Max interface to the popular Arduino microcontroller board. When I spoke with him, Chris also discussed his early sculpture work, teaching, collaborations, and how Max/MSP and Arduino fit into the evolving landscape of electronic media tools and [...]

Demystifying Expressions in Jitter

One of the most feared and respected objects in the Jitter collection, jit.expr arrived on the scene as part of Jitter 1.5. In some circles, there is a belief that harnessing its power will bring you great powers and enable you to achieve untold wonders. The fact is, jit.expr is a really amazing tool, but [...]

Sound On Sound Reviews Max for Live

In this review, Nick Rothwell explains Max for Live in terms of what the addition of Max offers to Live users. He also shares his perspective on what Live offers to Max users, something that is less commonly discussed.

LFO Tutorial 6 (Live if you want it)

Since a lot of people are interested in what the process of porting a Max patch for use in Max for Live looks like, I thought I’d take this tutorial as an opportunity to go over the steps I used to take my waveplayah patch and to convert it to a Max for Live device [...]

LFO Tutorial 5 (LFO Child Slight Return)

A while back, I wrote a series of four tutorials based around the idea of how you could generate and organize variety in Max patches. I wrote them first and foremost because that idea of generating and organizing variety by some means other than random numbers or noise sources has been an interest of [...]

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