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gen~ Video Tutorial Series

Videos for new Gen users.

Buffer Shuffler 2.0 Video Series

Get to know the Max for Live Buffer Shuffler 2.0.

Working with Hardware: DMX, Part 3

Lighting up a dancer using Max 6, a Kinect and, a LED projector.

Pushing the Edit Button

Helpful tutorials and Max for Live projects to get you started.

Physical Modeling Synthesis for Max Users: A Primer

Explore many ways to try physical modeling synthesis in Max.

jit.phys Patch-along, Part 3

Patch along with Rob Ramirez and discover the Jitter Physics system.

jit.phys Patch-along, Part 2

Patch along with Rob Ramirez and discover the Jitter Physics system.

jit.phys Patch-along, Part 1

Patch along with Rob Ramirez and discover the Jitter Physics system.

Introduction to jit.phys, Part 2

Harness rigid bodies with the second tutorial video covering collisions and constraints.

Physics Patch-a-day

Get immersed in Jitter Physics with two weeks of daily patches.

Introduction to jit.phys, Part 1

Set up your first Jitter Physics world and work with rigid bodies to create simple motion simulation.

Working with Hardware: DMX, Part 1

In this tutorial series, you can explore the world of programming DMX with Max.

Working with Hardware: Livid’s Code

Part 3 of the tutorial series on Livid Instruments' Code.

Working with Hardware: Livid’s Code (Part Two)

In part 1, Darwin showed us all the fundamentals behind step sequencing in Max, and extended that from the computer to the controller. With hands-on, real-time, improvisatory control over a sequence, he articulated the technical know-how to experience the joy of Max. In this article, I’ll explo...

Working with Hardware: Livid’s Code

A series devoted to building software for hardware.

pattr #3 Tutorial

Interpolate between presets using various scaling techniques.

pattr #2 Tutorial

The pattr object provides a versatile way to store and share values.

pattr #1 Quick Start Tutorial

Here's a quick and easy way to use pattr objects to store presets.

Polyphonic Synthesizer Tutorial

How poly~, adsr~, and thispoly~ work together.

Work Your Framerates

Learn to optimize and benchmark a Jitter project.

Max for Live Video Tutorials

In addition to new devices and lessons in the Max for Live update (Max 5.1.8/Live 8.2.2), there are a couple of new Live API features we would like to share with you in these short video tutorials. Many Max for Live devices utilize the Live API to control and keep track of different parts [...]

Video Tutorial: Play a Movie

With, adding video playback to your patch is pretty simple, but it can seem intimidating at first. This video provides all the essential information to play and project Quicktime movies in Max, so you can start making your ultimate multimedia experience a reality with Jitter.

Video Tutorial: Use Trigger for Organized Patching

Trigger is an essential object for everyday Max use, and is a favorite tool for many of the seasoned Max users. Learn to harness the power of trigger and you’ll avoid message-passing chaos and maintain order in your patch. Use it well and people might think you are a patching expert. This tutorial video [...]