Re: Compiling inconsistencies + general advice (regarding compiling :)


maxMSP choose ONE of them in case of several externals with same name ; there is an error message in the maxMSP console starting the application ; something like “hey dude you have stuff whit the same name ; and i choose this one in this folder”.

It seems changing the .dll to .mxe fixes the issue.

I don’t know CodeBlocks, but i think as in Xcode you should have a setting to define that “.mxe” at compile time.

To start a new project in Xcode i use “new project” ;-) with a “doing nothing code” that i rename (automatically) accordingly to the name project.

Here flip~.c and flap.c for empty dsp an UI object ; i attached flop.c in another recent thread.


  1. flap.c
Aug 1, 2011 at 5:43am #209333