Re: Few questions about the korg padkontrol and sysex

You’re very welcome. Sharing is caring :)

It seem’s that the midi port names differ between drivers/OSs.
Maybe this will help:
“padKONTROL MIDI IN” = “padKONTROL Port 1″
“padKONTROL PORT A” = “padKONTROL Port 2″
“padKONTROL PORT B” = “padKONTROL Port 3″

You can use the knob on the left. But it’s a digital encoder.
It sends a message for every step (CW or CCW) rather than an absolute value.
In my patch there’s a little section on the toplevel, where the [r pk-enc] is.
It will increase/decrease an integer value accordingly.

Here’s a subpatch, i forgot to post. I converts integers to ASCII, for outputing them to pk’s display.
The other one is just for fun…let’s your padkontrol go disco ;)

  1. led-party.pat
Jun 5, 2010 at 7:40pm #181624