Re: getpath of a clip only with deferlow?

Seriously helpful thread! I finally understand the language they’re using in the manuals.
the below may be obvious? let me know…

I think you can interpret the message “live.object: Setting the Id cannot be triggered by notifications” as follows:
1) because you clicked a different clip in Live, the live.path object had to send out a new path ID. this is a notification
2) the notification (the new path ID) was going to set the ID for the live.object BUT.. “Setting the Id cannot be triggered by notifications”

But not everything you do (even some possibly complicated stuff) is triggered by a ‘notification’ from live: eg if you trigger the path directly by clicking a message box with the path name. Maybe the attached device illustrates it. I changed from ‘getpath’ to ‘get name’ because it illustrates my point a bit better. It definitely means I can get rid of a lot of deferlows in my patches.

I think I learned more in 3 months on this forum than I have in the year before :-)

Nov 11, 2011 at 2:37am #215710