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June 23, 2010 | 1:15 pm

Hello aa,

for fun i do what i said in previous post here : + safe.

in this zip [walkie] send a pointer to [talkie], and [talkie] send values to [walkie] using object_method ( ) ; And even after deleted [walkie] (so [talkie]‘s pointer is bad) max doesn’t crash : max must be protected against bad call between objects …

most of time to test my external about thread safety problems i just make crazy huge patches with ten [metro 5] [uzi 100] connected to my external asking lots of stuff while i do the same thing in low_priority thread … click click click … and as i’m not an inside max guru i make test and test and test … brutalizing maxMSP and crash and crash and crash …

"I don’t actually think it will be my kind of solution", you are right ;-)