Re: Having OpenGL Text Dissolve Into Particles?


On a related, though different note, attached is my patch in full. The folder “falling_text” is just the patch with letters. The letters fall at random rates and random positions. This portion of the patch is completely functional and I am quite pleased with.

From that patch, I would like to be able to issue a bang and have the letters “dissolve”. The other folder “falling_text+Particles” is my patch with an attempt at integrating the jit.p.shiva+jit.p.vishnu patches to create this effect. jit.p.vishnu+jit.p.shiva have given me quite some trouble in creating this effect. My problems: 1. The position doesn’t seem to work, as anytime I click the bang, the “dissolution” occurs in the middle of the screen. 2. I am unsure how to make the particles completely disappear. Setting the speed to -1 is the closest I have gotten, but still then there’s a little particle puddle at the bottom of the screen.

I think ultimately it would be much better and less cumbersome to use, but again it’s just the translation problem of getting into

Thanks again for any help :)

Jan 3, 2013 at 1:49am #237249