Re: Mr. Doobs Harmony Drawing Application ported to Max MSP


Regarding my earlier post (please see above) I resolved these issues and I thought of sharing the solutions:

1) For some reason passing the alpha value procedurally would not work for me, so I hard code the alpha value to 1. and it works fine:
function mapColor2RGBA(r,g,b,a)
var rgbaArray = new Array();
rgbaArray[0] = r/255.;
rgbaArray[1] = g/255.;
rgbaArray[2] = b/255.;
rgbaArray[3] = 1.;
return rgbaArray;

2) In order to overlay new brush strokes over older ones you need to add the following command on the “resetsketct(){}” function:

Please see attached file


May 29, 2012 at 1:48pm #188010