Re: Process the pixels from an openGL scene with GPU only ?

Julien Bayle

Here is the result

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I didn't find a better way to render from each snippet (one at a time) to global texture.
The routing system is very cheap, and I'll consolidate it asap.
But what I'm doing here when I want to trigger a particular snippet:
- I send the message “drawto texture” to this particular videoplane
- when i trig this latter, that one send a bang to all other snippets to trig the message “drawto a”

a isn't related to anything in the patch and I guess it doesn't consume any gpu or cpu here (of course, I also not routing any qmetro bangs to any snippets except the current rendering one.

is there a smarter way to disable the render to texture ?


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Oct 8, 2012 at 9:47am #233250