Re: Tempo Track – Conductor Track – Tempo Map | reading from a sequencer

hey you may want to check John MacCallum’s “midifile” class on cnmat which imports any standard midi file. its timing is not reliable but i just use it to parse data via the “dump” function. export midi from finale, dp, or whatever, load into midifile, dump track 0 (the conductor track you want) to a coll. i attached a patch that does this. the data can be used for anything like plotting a graph of tempo/meter change, or you could automate something with solid timing (like phasor~). this patch loads with a smf i made that has a almost constantly changing tempo – the coll gets them all prepended by real midi time stamps which are actually microseconds µs! then you just have to thin out the data.

Mar 8, 2011 at 11:22pm #199192