Re: view-frustum culling implementation with jit.gen & matrices

Julien Bayle

so, I have some difficulties about 2 things:
- to retrieve the ratio parameter in order to calculate my 8 points defining my 6 planes for the culling
- to put that into my jit.gen.

basically, here is my current implementation on jit.gen
ratio & planes implementation are missing, and of course, the objects matching test.

probably, I'll create a matrix with my 8 points, then another jit.gen which would be fed by objects positions matrix + my 8 points matrix, calculating which objects is in or out of scope…

would you help me with that Robert, or Wes or ?


  1. viewfrustuCullingJitGen.PNG
Jun 14, 2012 at 9:43am #167773