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Gen function declaration

I would like to ask a question to people who are familiar with gen.
I’m trying to implement a factorial function like this:

factorial(N) {
if (N <= 1) {
return 1;
for (i=3; i <= N; i++) {
return result;

However I get the “statement missing ;” in a first line.
Can you point me out whats wrong with this function. This [...]

Trouble importing MSP Externals

1stly i’m new to max and this is probably obvious,
as an example i wish to use the OSCroute~ external from CNMAT,
i have downloaded it and all it’s cousins, i have told file preferences where this folder is with the title CNMAT,
in a new patcher, in the object explorer i type in OSC – expecting [...]

Using Sharp 2Y0A21 IR sensors with Arduino Mega

Hello i’m looking to use 3 or 4 Sharp 2Y0A21 IR sensors to map height within an area of 115cm long x 55 High, when the user lowers there hand I want it to alter a parameter (say pitch, velocity etc) . There will be 12 ‘strings’ laser beams in use so 1 IR sensor [...]

pattrstorage: recalling elements in sub patches more conveniently?

Pattr System Overlords,
With the pattrstorage / pattr system, is there a way to do the following:

Have a parent patch “ParentPatch” containing X identical sub patchers of type “SubPatch”

Each “SubPatch” has a bunch of objects who’s values I want to store and recall together as presets.

In “ParentPatch” each “SubPatch” wants to have *different* presets (so just [...]

Retrieving variables from external java program

Hello. I am somewhat new at Max and I need help concerning the following.
I am creating a generative electronic music composition based on the concept of biological evolution. I have this .jar program called Biogenesis. It is a simulator of evolution through natural selection where simple segmented organisms compete for resources, reproduce and thrive in [...]

blinking red lights in video triggering audio

Hi . .
What would you say is the best way to go about analyzing a video in jitter that has multiple blinking red lights and triggering a bang (ultimately a sound) each time a light blinks on and off. i shot a bunch of night video of blinking red tower lights that we’re [...]

what happened to jit.qt.grab?!?

i am having some quite serious bugs with jit.qt.grab, most of the time resulting in max to quit instantly without any error messages. this patch used to work fine like two months ago…
the patch captures an incoming 1080psf25 video signal via “jit.qt.grab 1280 720 @unique 1 @interp 1 @colormode uyvy”. this used to work fine [...]

[Bug?] GLU tessellation and glutessmatrix

Hi, I did several tests with the GLU tessellation and glutessmatrix in and things did not go as I thought. With a matrix glutessmatrix it works. But with @matrixoutput in it does not work and it does not work with jit.gen.
In jit.gen if I change snorm to norm can be seen in [...]

How to create a polyphonic push button sampler that plays up to six sound files?

I’m pretty new to Max. How do i create a polyphonic push button sampler that plays up to six sound files simultaneously? Thanks.

"coll" object doesn`t store new data in standalone app

Hi all,
I have problem with the “coll” object, in the standalone application. I`m not able to store new data in it.
In MAX, it works, as expected, but it doesn`t work in standalone.
- I have the “coll” object.
- “embed” (Save data with patcher) is enabled.
- I save one line in to the coll (for example “1, [...]

Osc and phidgets external not working windows 7 max 6

Hi guys I have a trouble.
I’ve been trying many times to get the Cnmat OSC library:
and the Phidgets library working in max 6 with no luck.
I copied the .mxe files in the max-externals folder and the .maxhelp files in max-help folder
(I also have .help and .pat files that I don’t know where [...]

smoothing discontinuities in continuously writing buffer

Hi everyone,
I’m building an effect that writes live audio input from a saxophone to a [buffer~] continuously and then outputs grains of varying size (using Nathan Wolek’s [grain.pulse~] from his granular toolkit
The problem is that if a new grain is selected and it happens to be where the buffer is writing, there could be [...]

[Bug?] @out_name jit.gen

With Max 6.1.6 and 6.1.7 32bit
On Mac os 10.9.2, 10.6.8 and windows 7 64bit
the @out_name of jit.gen does not work here. if I write directly in the attrui menu, it works
If I cut and copy my jit.gen I have this message: register method is called Expired invalid object.
I missed something?
look at the patch


how to deal with clips and normalizing in general?

Hey folks,
i am trying to normalize a few tracks i made a while ago. I am messing around with mp3gain – which probably isnt best practice.
I wasn’t getting the results I wanted, so i exported waveforms to see whats going on.

So… it looks like i have a little bit of clipping going on ^^
I understand [...]

Photo resistors reversing values on Arduino

Hello I am using 6 photo resistors/LDR’s with an Arduino Mega 2560, the LDR is connected to +5V then the other leg of the LDR goes to the control cable in the Arduino (A0-A5) then finally a 10K resistor to the Arduino’s ground. The aim is to make a laser harp, with the photo resistors [...]

Ezdac only turning on for a second then switching off?

I’ve never had any trouble using ezdac / ezadc, but for some reason recently it’s not working within any previously working patches? It’s turning on for a second then switching off immediately? I’m trying this in patches that previously worked before. Does anyone know why this is happening? Any help would be really appreciated

deleted thread.


Need some help in splitting some text so that I can use each token as a note

I would like to parse some text using REGEX, pull out all the vowels, and then use each vowel serially to play some notes. It’s going alright so far, but when I have repeated vowels I get simultaneous note output. So I need to separate the tokens so I can play notes separately.
I attached my [...]

EQ with Hand Drawn Curve

I’m pretty new to MaxMSP, and I was wondering if you guys could help me with this.
I’m interested in creating an EQ plugin for Live that allows you to hand draw the EQ path/curve. I want to use a Leap Motion controller to sketch the curve for the equalizer. I’m planning on running the Leap [...]


I am not familiar with javascript and webGL; so my question might be out of track…
I really find that app awesome…
Is there any way I could import it and use it inside Jitter?… or in combination with Jitter through another software using Syphon or something?

Logistic population equation…?

I went through ‘Max JS Tutorial 1: Basic JavaScript’, and I found it difficult to understand the equation of logistic population equation.
f(x) = rx(1-x)
x = r*x*(1.-x)
in the patch
I could see the following happenings, but could not figure out the reason behind them.
As you increase the value going into the js object above 3.0, the value [...]

Max 6.1.7 Released

We are happy to share the release of Max 6.1.7 with you!
There are a number of good bug fixes in this release, as well as a few new features. Most notably, Gen can now export to VDMX ISF (“Interactive Shader Format”), and we have added a new object for performing HTTP requests, maxurl.
As always, you [...]

Removing clicks from a time based groove trigger

Hello All,
I have a M4L patch that captures audio and slices it into 8 divisions to be played on the Push (ala MLR). I’ve got this thing working pretty flawlessly except for the clicks happening when I trigger different time points in my ~groove object.
I have been debating what the best (and most efficient [...]