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Buffer Analysis through mxj


Strange Transposition Behavior with record~, buffer~ and play~

I have been a maxmsp user for a number of years and every once in a great while there is sudden strange behavior with playing back some live sampled material from a buffer~ object. Playback from the buffer~ object (using play~) is transposed up almost a whole step.
I use my live sample and playback patches [...]

Best approach to name presets?

I want to be able to name/rename presets and manage them with the Pattrstorage object.
So far the object that allows me to name/rename items is the Umenu object.
If I modify Umenu’s itmes using messages in Max, changes are persistent, all works as expected… but if I do the same within Ableton, changes to preset names [...]

"Cell coordinates out of range". No they are not!

This is puzzling. The cell ranges are created on a predetermined matrixctrl object and subsequently stored in the preset object (they are not out of range) but on recall throws a cell range error in the Max Window. If you press the message box to trigger any preset it gives an error. Is this a [...]

Audio Unit object ~~~~~

Hi there, I understand that there was an audiounit~ object in beta
which might have become Au~ ??
can anyone tell me where I can find the latest version of this object?
best wishes, Justin

A few questions on Jitter and GL

I use Jitter a lot, and I’m curious to know whether I’m using it in the most efficient way I can.
In the Jitter Gen world, we have jit.pix and – two objects doing the same thing, but the former using the CPU, and the latter using the GPU.
When deciding between these two objects, the [...]

mirror coll in text file

I get how to store coll data in a text file – I just keep a file “mycolldata.txt” in the c74 folder and then name my coll object [coll mycolldata] and it picks up the data in the text file just fine.
However, when I change the data in the coll in max, the text file [...]

make a bang depending on how long you press the button

I would like my controller make a bang depending on how long you press the button.
Could anybody give me a advice ?

Router object "patch" message, strange behaviour

The following patchlet seems to contradict the tutorials and ref (on my system, anyway).
The “patch” message is supposed to disconnect other previous connection but the patch messages here seem to be additive. Does this happen to anyone else?
many thanks, P


populate umenu store in coll/text file?

Im wondering if there is any way to dump the filename contents of a populated umenu in a coll (which is then stored in a text file in the C74 folder). The main thing im stuck on is how to generate the text file that coll uses automatically and for it to be compatible on [...]

I've got a simple question about info~ and record~

I’m using record~ to record audio into a buffer~ and then play that audio
as a loop with groove~ based on the loop start and end points that info~ is provides.
As I understand it info~ should provide me in ms the length of my recorded audio in the buffer. Is this not correct?
Can anyone have [...]

Strange init problem

I’ve been looking at a problem for quite a while now and i can’t figure out what happens exactly, so i hope someone here has some ideas. I put a screenshot of the relevant part with some output in the max-window. (The logs should be read from ‘receive_message’)
My main question is: why is the end-value [...]

Free devices: Modulating input with physics in Max4Live

Hi guys.
I’ve made a few M4L devices based on the physics objects. They take user input (from a 3D spatial controller such as the Leap Motion, Kinekt or similar) or automation.
I intend to sell these when they’re finished, but for the next few days I’m giving them away for free:

Launch plugin GUI with M4L?

Is there a way to open a VST’s GUI via M4L? I looked at the LOM but didn’t see anything–just want to be sure I’m not missing something. Thanks!


I am starting a Max/MSP project inspired by Christian Fennesz along with Tim Hecker, Alva Noto, and Pimmon. I am after other artists similar to them to look into, and suggestions on patches and ideas for patches for me to try.
I have created some generative patches that process input, but I am a little clueless [...]

Is edge~ only useful after a comparison?

I’m curious about why the [delta~] and [<~] are necessary before the [edge~] in the following example:


Shouldn’t one expect to get bangs from both edge~s?


I’m sure I’m missing something obvious but maximum~ doesn’t seem to do anything other than combine two signals. it does no choosing of maximum signal values. what am i missing?

Rotating vertices with poltocar

I have drawn simple square and want to know the x,y,z coordinates of each vertex as it rotates. I know that does not support matrix output, which would have helped me.
So I’m trying to rotate the square by moving the vertices manually instead of using glrotate. I’ve had limited success with poltocar, in rotating [...]

Soundflower buffer issues

Im having some buffer issues with Soundflower.
I have mainstage going out of sound flower into ableton live into a track with an external instrument patch.
Im getting quite a noticeable latency when i hit the keys to when i hear the sound.
If i change the sound flower buffer size from 512 to 64 it makes no [...]

Controlling a stream of data from range finder

Hi there!
I am having trouble in controlling a data stream coming in from an ultrasonic range finder. I want to be able to use the range detected to scroll through MIDI scales in the air, i.e the moving further or closer goes up and down the scale. I have a piece of java script that [...]

Max suitable as VST host?

I am looking into the possibility of programming my personal VST host in max with custom midi routing for a huge orchestral template (filmmusic). But with my first tests I get the feeling max isn’t really as good as a VST host like Cubase or Vienna Ensemble. For instance: I loaded a Kontakt piano, no [...]

MIDI file problem

Hello all!
I’m hoping somebody can help me with something which has literally been driving me INSANE!
I’m trying to build a patch which writes midi files (for later import into a DAW). However, when I import the midi files, the tempo does not match with the expected tempo from the patch!
For example, in the patch attached, [...]

ddg.mono, first note priority request

Hello everyone,
I’m using ddg.mono in a project. Unfortunately it doesn’t have first note priority. I know most people prefer last note priority (so do I) but ascending scales with low note priority and descending scales with high note priority have a very nice portamento-like feel to it since you have to lift up each previous [...]

saving .axmd from within live – thispatcher seems to only work in max

here’s a simple example – when editing in max – clicking write saves the patch just fine. When you close and the patch goes back into Live, clicking write has no effect. Is the normal and is there another way to save the axmd file automatically from the patch itself (without having to [...]