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adding a subpatcher / abstraction to a m4l patch?

hello dear community,
i’m trying to do something rather simple (?) —
i’d like to use multiple instances of the same subpatch within a m4l-patch/device. i want all instances of this subpatch to change in the main patch/device if i edit one of them — as if they were aliases. i assume i need something like an [...]

Is this similar or better than random?

So i wanted to make a random number generator for a few reasons. Firstly to understand what is going on behind such objects, and secondly to replace lp.shhh and the like until I get paid and buy the litter pro package.
Is this the general kind of patch for such generation?


Kitchen Designer Hertfordshire

Kitchen Designer Hertfordshire. Thirty Ex Display Kitchens To Clear. £ 595 Each with appliances.

transcribe audio file into hertz value

I have an audio file. I want to transcribe the audio file into hertz value (like the “C” = 261.6 Hz). Such process is needed to find the difference in sound pitches (notes or hertz number) between the European and this new style.
I am interested in finding any software that can transcribe it? If Max [...]

What are the pros and cons of local 1 in poly~

I’m wondering why the “local” attribute defaults to “off” in a poly~. The docs refer to finer grained scheduling when it’s on (which seems like a good thing) but if there was no downside, I’d expect the default to be “on”

Can I process a list of frequencies and 'tune' them to quarter and eight notes.

I have a list of frequencies that I want to tune to the closest quarter or eighth note. I have drawn a blank for some reason, does anyone know a way to do this?

Integers and Floats

apologies in advance here, i am a noob to Max (version 6)
I’m a sound engineer just dipping my toe in the water with this sort of thing, so forgive any ignorance on my part. and i apologies AGAIN, because this seems like such a fundamental part of the program, that it’s probably been asked before. [...]

What is the size of a MIRA frame on the ipad itself?

For using fpic I need to know the resolution of the MIRA frame on the ipad itself (without the tabs on top). Anyone knows what it is?

getting data from individual boids.

Dear all,
This is my first forum post. apologies if I have poorly followed form, or done anything here incorrectly!
I’ve been working on my Max patch, and have come across a bit of a brick wall with implementing the “boids3d” object within my patch:
My idea is to attach a sound file (one granule) to each “boid”. [...]

optimize collisions in a particle system

I need to do a particle system with about 800 spheres. The patch runs quite well while collisions are off (55 fps), but I soon as I turn it on, it slows quite a lot (13 fps).
I need to optimize my patch to make it run smoothly.
I don’t need to detect the collisions between [...]

openraw sfplay~

This seems like it could be really cool,what would you use this for? How could I manipulate audio/ jpg.files? Can only find the info from the help file online.

Litter for max 6 woes

I was really excited to have a new SSD installed in my powerbook, and finally upgrade to live9/Max6. Now 90% of my patches/devices don’t work because I didn’t realise that the excellent LitterStarterPack doesn’t work in max6.
Please somebody tell me I am mistaken :(

Generate QR code

Hi all, I´m developing a project, wich one part consists on generate a QR code for using it later by the user to see a video that was uploaded to a server.
It´s possible to generate it with Max?
I see that there is no specific external to do that, but it might be possible to generate [...]

buffer~ record~ waveform~ help

For whatever reason, maybe it’s time to go to bed, but I can’t seem to figure this out.
My buffer’s waveform shows that it is indeed recording my audio input, but my groove~ object won’t play. I had it working a bit ago but was messing around and have gotten myself into a place where my [...]

can Hipno/Pluggo run on Windows 8?

I’m usig the Hipno since few years and unfortunately Ableton stopped the support for it. I have a new PC with Windows 8 (64bit), I have installed Live 8 (32bit), Quick Time, Pluggo Runtime 3.6.1 and Hypno 1.1.1.
It seems the Hipno are not running in this configuration, the Hipno don’t appear in the plug-ins [...]

Multiple "Knob" in Node ?

Hi all
I’ve search the forum and was not able to find a definite answer.
Is it possible ? Is there a workaround beside building
a node equivalent from scratch.
Thanks a lot in advance.

Removing space in message while keeping leading 0

I’m trying to remove the space that is front of a number while still keeping the 0 that is prefixed when the number is 9 or less. I’ve tried sprintf, combine, and regex but they strip the 0 from the beginning of the digit.
Any ideas?


Need help to start making guitar patch for max

First of all I know just basics for max/msp. I have this idea where i want to collide guitar with computer sequencer and make patch for it. Basically I want capture guitar signal in real time and send it trough ableton piano roll(as example). So you can create crazy rhythmic or pitch patterns with [...]

Seeking Training

Seeking training on Java + Max. Goal, build basic sampler. Proposed components are Max, Java, SFList, SFPlay and SQLite. Willing to pay for hourly training. Can use Skype so location isn’t a factor. Thanks!

record a bwf with TC

H everyone,
is it possible to record tc to a bwf in order to synchronise it with a video or to import it in a DAW?