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Problem with polyphonic synth

Dear all, I am sorry for asking such a newbie question. I am trying to build this additive synth, but I can’t make it polyphonic. I’ve been watching your tutorials (I’ve tried prepend, pack, thispoly~, all that kind of stuff) but I can’t make it working. Could you please help me? Also, every other suggestions [...]

Anybody know where to get vs objects? vs.rand3~ and vs.dcblock~?

I just got the new Electronic Music and Sound Design Volume 2 and some of the examples use external objects vs.rand3~ and vs.dcblock~. I can’t find these mentioned in the book or online. Can someone point me in the right direction please?

the registration between depth stream and color stream

I have acquired the depth data and color data from kinect by openni2. Firstly, i translate the depth coordinate system to world coordinate system. Secondly i use the function of convertDepthToColor() to acquire the coordinates of color data. Then i combine them by the point type PointXYZRGB. But the RGB pixels is not [...]

Mavericks audio driver won't show up in collective

I have built a collective that works fine on 10.6.8 but when the collective is opened in Mavericks Runtime the Audio Status panel is basically empty. If the same patch is opened in the max 6.1.6 program the audio staus panel opens correctly. I’ve included both The “Audio Status” and Standalone patcher (with Audio support [...]

sflist~ Mavericks won't work but OK on 10.6.8

I have included a small part of a patcher that I am having problems with. It uses Emmanuel Jourdan’s method of creating a playlist using a coll/sflist. The patch works great on 10.6.8 but on Mavericks something goes wrong. The coll seems to work fine but the playlist is not created.

readLine accessing a text file on a webserver

i am trying to use a text file that will be saved frequently on a web server location. the contents of the text file will be a single integer or a float number.
the java for reading a local file works perfectly. but i will be using a server application to process images with facial expressions [...]

Arduino Ultrasonic sensor HC-sr04 max msp

Hey guys, i’m trying to connect my arduino UNO to max msp and trying to get the values from the ultrasonic sensor. i’m getting data from the serial object but can’t figure out what it means…
Can anyone point me towards the right direction please? i’m kinda new here…

Separating Interleaved input data stream

Need to bring in two data streams from sensors on an Arduino UNO board using a single USB/COM interface; data will be interleaved, uniformly multiplexing data from the two sensors.
Need to know how to break out the multiplexed stream into its discreet components after being processed by the Serial object in MAX. No need [...]

Object Defaults Overwritten in M4L

Why is it that Object Defaults are overwritten in M4L? Even when cutting and pasting objects into a M4L patch it seems that appearance settings are overwritten. This is very frustrating to have to manually set these parameters over and over when trying to build devices with any kind of customized look (the defaults are [...]

wildly varying volume for same audio – any fixes?

I am trying to get a reliable reading for dB of audio at each beat. Currently I am using an [average~ 1000 rms] object, a [snapshot 4n] object and an [atodb]. I had hoped that using overdrive would keep the signal relatively accurate, but unfortunately not. The simplified part of the patch is below:


and the [...]

How to shut down the mac with Max ?

I would like to quit the apps and shut down the Mac with a command in Max.
My Mac mini is into a sculpture and it have no keyboard and no mouse. Just an Arduino with sensors to pilot it. I have made an Applescript, it works good, but how can I trig it from Max?
Os [...]

How to write a binary file ?

Well I don’t really understand how it is even possible but in Max/Msp there is the object [filein] but not [fileout] I tried with [Text] object but It doesn’t like ANSI so for my project I can’t do anything with it. I read is it possible to write binary file with Javascript inside Maxmsp but [...]

What is the expression for * that would be same as /?

I know i worded the thread wrong but, unfortunately i’m terrible at maths, and have always wondered this


adding a subpatcher / abstraction to a m4l patch?

hello dear community,
i’m trying to do something rather simple (?) —
i’d like to use multiple instances of the same subpatch within a m4l-patch/device. i want all instances of this subpatch to change in the main patch/device if i edit one of them — as if they were aliases. i assume i need something like an [...]

Is this similar or better than random?

So i wanted to make a random number generator for a few reasons. Firstly to understand what is going on behind such objects, and secondly to replace lp.shhh and the like until I get paid and buy the litter pro package.
Is this the general kind of patch for such generation?


Kitchen Designer Hertfordshire

Kitchen Designer Hertfordshire. Thirty Ex Display Kitchens To Clear. £ 595 Each with appliances.

transcribe audio file into hertz value

I have an audio file. I want to transcribe the audio file into hertz value (like the “C” = 261.6 Hz). Such process is needed to find the difference in sound pitches (notes or hertz number) between the European and this new style.
I am interested in finding any software that can transcribe it? If Max [...]

What are the pros and cons of local 1 in poly~

I’m wondering why the “local” attribute defaults to “off” in a poly~. The docs refer to finer grained scheduling when it’s on (which seems like a good thing) but if there was no downside, I’d expect the default to be “on”

Can I process a list of frequencies and 'tune' them to quarter and eight notes.

I have a list of frequencies that I want to tune to the closest quarter or eighth note. I have drawn a blank for some reason, does anyone know a way to do this?

Integers and Floats

apologies in advance here, i am a noob to Max (version 6)
I’m a sound engineer just dipping my toe in the water with this sort of thing, so forgive any ignorance on my part. and i apologies AGAIN, because this seems like such a fundamental part of the program, that it’s probably been asked before. [...]

What is the size of a MIRA frame on the ipad itself?

For using fpic I need to know the resolution of the MIRA frame on the ipad itself (without the tabs on top). Anyone knows what it is?

getting data from individual boids.

Dear all,
This is my first forum post. apologies if I have poorly followed form, or done anything here incorrectly!
I’ve been working on my Max patch, and have come across a bit of a brick wall with implementing the “boids3d” object within my patch:
My idea is to attach a sound file (one granule) to each “boid”. [...]

optimize collisions in a particle system

I need to do a particle system with about 800 spheres. The patch runs quite well while collisions are off (55 fps), but I soon as I turn it on, it slows quite a lot (13 fps).
I need to optimize my patch to make it run smoothly.
I don’t need to detect the collisions between [...]