5.1 fun patch query

Oct 7, 2008 at 11:50pm

5.1 fun patch query

hello folks!

for some reason, i didn’t get any response from this post (i never received
a copy from the list), and although i figured it out, i thought i’d re-post
it any case anyone had any better ideas:

I’m still working on this 5.1 project, and I found that part of the example
> patch (examples/spatialization/5-point-1-fun/5-point-1-panning.pat), has
> the ability to record and playback the automation of the pictslider, but
> doesn’t work. Upon examining the bpatcher, I don’t find the send “s
> #1-5.1automation-record” to have a matching receive anywhere.
> I am totally rusty at making and fixing patches, as I haven’t used
> Max/MSP/Jitter in over a year now. Could someone suggest a way to fix it so
> the recording works? I’m assuming that the coordinates get saved to a
> table, which should get saved when recording stops, and then sent to the
> recieve “r #1-5.1automation-play” for playback. The umenu doesn’t have a
> “stop” option for the recording either.
> Any help, or just suggestions would be appreciated.

and my finding:

i figured it out…”mtr” does the job of recording any kind of message, so
it works really well in this case…thanks for thinking, and have a nice


i still wonder whether i could do this in coll or not…it just doesn’t seem
as easy in capturing a stream of data, but i’m not sure…



Oct 7, 2008 at 11:55pm

That’s weird, you got lots of views and at least one reply on your original query. Did you check the forums, or wait for an email notification?



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