8200: Bug or limit in jit.window position?

Jun 30, 2011 at 4:24pm

8200: Bug or limit in jit.window position?

Hi folks,

I have an installation with 1 control screen (1920×1200) and 5 HD projectors, usually at 1280×720. This puts my furthest screen coordinate at 8320…but….using the ‘rect’ or ‘size+pos’ attributes:
I cannot get past 8200! This leaves a blank spot on the edge of my 5th screen. If I change to a higher resolution, like 1080, I am still stuck with the 8200 limit, except now its in the middle of my 4th screen. jit.displays shows all the screen coordinates correctly.

If I manually try to move the left edge higher than 8200 I can see a sliver moving on the screen, but as soon as I move the right edge it disappears.

As a work around, I have put the 5th screen on its own context and then used full_screen, which does work, but I take a major hit in frame rates. It will not be practical at higher resolutions. I’ve tried this with as many as 4 graphic cards together and as few as 2; still the same.

Any ideas appreciated.

Mac Pro 6-core OS 10.6.8 with 3x ATI 5870 cards
Using the latest version of Max as of yesterday

Jun 30, 2011 at 10:21pm

Not sure about the answer, but curious: how did you get 3 5870′s working in a Mac Pro? I was under the impression that the electrical requirements of the card made this impossible.


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