About the new c74 iphone app

Feb 24, 2010 at 1:02pm

About the new c74 iphone app

hi maxers,
hi Leo, this is a very nice app*, thank you !

few comments:

- the way of creating/using/changing objects/presets seems more easy than in the “Fantastick” and “TouchOSC” apps.
- the way the wifi connection works (with channels) seems more easy to manage than udp ports on the others apps.

few critic and questions:

-> the accelerometer data comes only every 100ms with your app, while it’s 10ms with Fantastick, and around 30ms with TouchOSC. **
-> what about multisliders ? Of course with multitouch editing in the same multislider…
-> i’m demanding : transparency on multisliders ?
-> are you planing 5-fingers-multitouch-inputs on the lcd you plan for the next version ?
- accelerometer, GPS, now compass… that’s nice. now, what about transmitting the sound from iphone microphone to max thru wifi ? is this technically possible ?

it’s demanding but you could perhaps sell the coming ipad version of your app a bit more expensive for the time you spend on it.


** Knowing that i’ve heard that the accelerometer data in the iphones can even be sampled at 5ms. Plus, because of the poor 8-bits vertical resolution of the accelerometer data on the iphone, one could also make a smoothing of the data at 5ms, inside the iphone app, before sending the data over wiki at 10ms or a chosen rate. “MSA Remote” does this smoothing, and it seems this is the app with the best precision for importing accelerometer data in max right now. i made some tests 6 months ago ( http://www.cycling74.com/forums/topic.php?id=20827 )

* http://www.nr74.org/c74.html

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Feb 24, 2010 at 1:58pm

I just meet c74 yesterday. but I spent almost 10 hours with it and for me has been almost like the day in which I discovered max/msp.
I´m in love with this app, I know it´s a young one, and that it will be growing up in time, but at this moment it shows so powerful and easy capabilities along with max/msp. it´s like having it in the palm of your hand!.

it takes advantages of almos all the sensonrs and capabilities of the iphone. I hope it will also improve some things:

- control vibration.

- the use of iphone microphone to sound detection and also would be fantastic (as alexandre says) use it to record in msp.

- use iphone´s volume control two buttons to asing to whatever. they are there for free! let´s use them.

- play sound from inside iphone thru it´s own speaker. so you could interact with blind people and help with some sounds to tell you what your activating or whatever you may imagine using sounds from iphone!.

- play videos using [imovie].

- locking/unlocking “autorotate interface”, as some times you don´t really want it to change each time you move your phone.

- fix up crash problems with pictures.

just to congratulate leo and encourage him to invest more and more time in this fantastic app which looks so clean and works so easily without loosing any strength.

so fucking good job!!



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